What happens to Kratos at the end of God of War 3?

At the end of God of War III, Kratos found himself re-enacting his fall from the Suicide Bluffs during his quest through his own psyche. After his recovery and defeat of Zeus, Kratos was pressured by Athena to return her power, but Kratos instead killed himself with the Blade of Olympus, releasing Hope to mankind.

How do you get the secret ending in God of War 3?

God of War Secret Ending To unlock the secret ending in God of War, you just need to complete the main story line of the game. This would include you reaching the top of the mountain and letting go of Faye’s ashes. Then you will see the final credits and cutscenes while going back home.

Who can defeat Typhon?

Zeus with his thunderbolt easily overcomes Typhon, who is thrown down to earth in a fiery crash: So when Zeus had raised up his might and seized his arms, thunder and lightning and lurid thunderbolt, he leaped from Olympus and struck him, and burned all the marvellous heads of the monster about him.

What is the ending of God of War 3?

God of War 3 was the most hyped PS3 exclusive game throughout the console’s lifetime. The original trilogy’s epic finish ended with a bang and a sorrowful ending, with Kratos ultimately sacrificing his life to rescue humanity from the gods’ tyranny.

Is there a god of War Ascension for the PS3?

God of War: Ascension is a Hack N’ Slash Action game and PlayStation 3 exclusive that serves as a prequel to the popu… LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 will give gamers the chance to experience the magic and adventure of Harry Potter in a u…

Who killed Hermes in God of War 3?

David Jaffe recounted his story to God of War III in an interview with GameTrailers.com. Oceanus, in his water form (akin to Poseidon’s God form), killed Hermes in the first sequence. Kratos would then face Zeus in the first boss fight and defeat him. The Egyptian and Norse Gods descend from Mt. Olympus through a doorway.