What is ultrabase cream?

Ultrabase® Cream is a dermatological emollient cream which moisturises, soothes and softens the skin. Ultrabase® Cream can be used to reduce the redness and itchiness of skin problems especially those typically associated with eczema and psoriasis.

What is AproDerm cream?

AproDerm® Ointment is an intensely moisturising emollient that protects, moisturises and soothes skin that is affected by moderate to severe eczema, psoriasis and other very dry skin conditions.

Is AproDerm the same as Aveeno?

Verdict. Aveeno and Aproderm both contain apricot kernel flour which does a great job with providing hydration to dry skin. The major ingredient differences, is that Aveeno contains Paraffin aka mineral oil and benzyl alcohol, which may not be suitable for some skin types.

How do you use AproDerm ointment?

Apply AproDerm® liberally to the affected area using gentle, downward strokes and following the direction of hair growth – making sure that you do not rub as this can irritate the skin. Leave a thin layer of cream on the skin to soak in (the skin should glisten) – this can take about 10 minutes.

Is Epi-max good for face?

Epi-max® is not intended as a cosmetic, facial moisturiser. The high glycerol content may block skin pores and aggravate acne. Although you can use Epi-max® on problem patches of eczema on or around the face, choose a cosmetic facial moisturiser for everyday facial hydration.

What is the difference between emollient and cream?

Emollients are products used to soften skin. Moisturisers are products used to add moisture to the skin.

Can you use Dermol 500 on your face?

Avoid getting it in the eyes, especially when using it on the face. When used as a soap substitute in the bath or shower the product can make the surface slippery, so be careful to avoid slipping over when getting into and out of your shower or bath (e.g. by using a shower or bath mat).

Is it OK to use aqueous cream on face?

Aqueous cream used to be recommended for use as a leave-on moisturizer, but that is no longer advised. It can actually irritate your skin if left on for ten or more minutes, and it may make eczema symptoms worse. Use it only as a substitute for face or body wash.

Can you get AproDerm on prescription?

AproDerm® Emollients are available on prescription for certain Dry skin conditions including Eczema and Psoriasis.

Can AproDerm colloidal oat cream be used on face?

Dry patches (facial) – AproDerm is perfect for dry skin problems but also works really well under make-up. As it’s a non-greasy and quickly absorbing cream that doesn’t disrupt your routine, you can use it in place of a moisturizer, or alongside it, focusing on dry patches.

Is AproDerm OK for face?

Can Epimax cream be used on face?

What is UltraBase cream made of?

Ultrabase cream contains white soft paraffin and liquid paraffin. When you apply the cream these oils stay on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface.

Can I use UltraBase to dilute a steroid cream?

Sometimes your doctor might ask you to use Ultrabase to dilute a steroid cream, or might ask you to use it alternately with a steroid cream. If this is the case, follow the instructions given by your doctor.

Is UltraBase cream flammable?

Ultrabase cream contains paraffin oils which are flammable. If the cream comes into contact with dressings, bandages, clothing, bed linen, towels or other fabrics these can be easily ignited by a naked flame or cigarette, particularly if large amounts of the cream have been used, or the fabric or dressing have become soaked with the moisturiser.

What is UltraBase®?

Ultrabase® is an emollient cream which may be used for a wide variety of dry skin conditions. The 500g pump dispenser covers small and large areas and is suitable for frequent application.