How do you get all 5 stars in Super Mario 3D Land?

Here’s how to get 5 shiny stars. Beat Bowser in World 8 as Mario. Beat all the levels in all the main worlds. Collect all the Star Medals from every level, including the Special World but excluding Purple “?” cube bonus levels.

What is the hardest level in Super Mario 3D Land?

Champion’s Road is by far the hardest level in the game.

What is the gold flag in Mario 3D?

Super Mario 3D World The Gold Flag goes to the player who reaches the top first, which is shown on the overworld map. Replaying the levels can change the ownership of the Gold Flag to whoever gets a Gold Flag on the replay.

Is 3D world easy?

Super Mario 3D World is an easy game. I finished it in about a day. If you get stuck, you have the option to skip feeling frustrated altogether, because you get handed a really overpowered powerup that deflects and destroys any monster or projectile in your path.

How do you unlock the hardest level in Super Mario 3D Land?

  1. Special Worlds. Complete Worlds 1-8 to unlock the Special Worlds.
  2. Play as Luigi. Complete the first eight worlds as Mario, unlocking the special worlds.
  3. Final Level. Get all five profile stars, described above, to unlock the final, longest, and most difficult level, Special 8-Crown.

Are there secret levels in Mario 3D?

Some of Super Mario 3D World’s hidden worlds require quite a bit of time and effort to unlock, but World Star is actually relatively easy to access. All you need to do to unlock World Star and its nine courses is beat World Bowser (the final level in the main game) and take the rocket that appears in World 1.

What is world 5 5 in Super Mario 3D Land?

World 5-5 is the fifth level of World 5 in Super Mario 3D Land. It is a sky level, with various grass-covered platforms, with some clouds. Propeller Boxes are the primary item of the course and are scattered around to reach platforms. Some wind turbines are seen on the bottom of the level.

Where can I find Star Medal 3 in Super Mario Galaxy?

Star Medal 3: On the ground floor of the seventh library there will be a single Goomba amidst all the Boos. Kill it and the third Star Medal will appear. Was this guide helpful? Mario jumps to 3D with the first exclusive Super Mario adventure for play on the Nintendo 3DS platform. Special 2-1.

What’s new in Super Mario 3D world?

Super Mario 3D World once again unites Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad for an all-new adventure fusing the unique platforming gameplay of Super Mario 3D Land with the cooperative gameplay of New Super Mario and the special team powers of Super Mario 2. Spider-Man and Green Goblin go back a long way.

How do I unlock Super Mario 3D Land photos?

You can unlock Super Mario 3D Land Photos after beating certain levels, and even save them to your SD Card. Saved photos can be viewed in the Nintendo 3DS Camera. There are twelve photos to get in total.