What latitude zone is China in?

The People’s Republic of China is located on the geographic coordinates of 35.0000° N latitude and 103.0000° E longitude in Asia.

What is Beijing latitude?

39.9042° N, 116.4074° EBeijing / Coordinates

Where is China on the equator?

China is north of the equator.

What is the latitude of Beijing?

What Cities are on the same latitude as Shanghai?

The city is roughly equidistant to Beijing and Hong Kong, and is located at 31°12′N 121°30′E, roughly the same latitude as San Diego, New Orleans, Bermuda, Marrakech, Cairo, Jerusalem, and Lahore.

What Cities are at 40 degrees latitude?

The parallel 40° north passes through the cities of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Columbus, Ohio; as well as northern suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana and Boulder, Colorado and the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What Cities are the same latitude as Beijing?

Beijing is roughly the same latitude as San Francisco, while Tokyo is level with Los Angeles. Shanghai and Taipei are at the same latitude as the Baja Peninsula, while Vancouver and Seattle sit at roughly the same latitude as Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

Is China north or south of the equator?

China is part of the northern and eastern hemispheres, placing the country well above the equator.

Is China in the north or south?

Geography of China

Region East Asia
• Land 97.2%
• Water 2.8%
Coastline 14,500 km (9,000 mi)
Borders Afghanistan Bhutan Myanmar India North Korea Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Laos Mongolia Nepal Pakistan Russia Tajikistan Vietnam

What cities are at the same latitude as Beijing?

What countries are at 40 degrees south latitude?

Around the world

Co-ordinates Country, territory or ocean
40°0′S 175°3′E New Zealand
40°0′S 176°54′E Pacific Ocean
40°0′S 73°42′W Chile
40°0′S 71°40′W Argentina

What is latitude of Peking?

Which country is in north of China?

To the north, China shares a border with Russia, Mongolia, and North Korea. Along China’s western border, its neighbors are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, while along the south, the bordering countries are India, Bhutan, Burma, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, and Macau.

Where is 37 degrees south latitude?

The 37th parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 37 degrees south of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It crosses the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, Australasia, the Pacific Ocean and South America….Around the world.

Co-ordinates Country, territory or ocean Notes
37°0′S 149°56′E Pacific Ocean Tasman Sea