What is the strongest pickaxe in Minecraft?

The ultimate pickaxe is essentially the one that mines the fastest, has the highest durability, and has all the possible enchantments it can have. In the current state of the game, this would be Minecraft’s relatively new Netherite Pickaxe with Efficiency 5, Unbreaking 3, Fortune 3, and Mending 1 on it.

What is the best pickaxe material in Minecraft?

Iron and diamond are the best for most purposes….Pickaxes.

Material Durability Mining notes
Wood 60 uses
Stone 132 uses Stone or better is needed to mine iron or lapis lazuli
Iron 251 uses Iron or diamond is needed to mine gold, diamond or redstone
Diamond 1562 uses Diamond is needed to mine obsidian.

How do you make purple pickaxe in Minecraft?

Silk Touch I is one of the 3 enchantments that you can select from the enchanting table. Select the enchantment that you wish to apply to the diamond pickaxe. Once you have selected an enchantment, your lapis lazuli and experience points will be spent and the diamond pickaxe will glow purple.

How do you turn a Netherite pickaxe into a diamond pickaxe?

In the Upgrade menu, place 1 diamond pickaxe in the first box and 1 netherite ingot in the second box. This is the Minecraft crafting recipe for a netherite pickaxe. Once you have placed the items, the netherite pickaxe will appear in the result box.

How do I get obsidian without a diamond pickaxe?

Making Obsidian without a Diamond Pickaxe. Find a pool of lava. There is no crafting recipe for obsidian. Instead, any time flowing water hits a stationary lava “source” block, the lava turns into obsidian.

How many blocks can a Netherite shovel break with Unbreaking 3?

2 33.3%, unb 3 25% chance the durability will be consumed, essentially doubling, tripling or quadrupling the durability (albeit with a randomness-based imprecision) – Unbreaking 3 diamond pickaxe can on average break 6248 blocks.

Why is gold so useless in Minecraft?

Golden tools are the most efficient, yet still avoided by the majority of Minecraft players. The reason they’re considered among the worst type of tools is because of their durability. A golden pickaxe can only break 32 blocks, which is by far the lowest for any amount.