How long does it take to beat Skylanders Swap Force?


Single-Player Polled Leisure
Main Story 19 13h 35m
Main + Extras 15 38h 55m
Completionists 3 37h 30m
All PlayStyles 37 36h 54m

Can old Skylanders be used on new games?

All Skylanders toys are forward compatible. That means every Skylanders toy that has ever been released will always work in games released after it. So, when future games are released, those Skylanders that you currently have in your collection will work in them. Skylanders toys never become obsolete.

Are Skylanders worth anything?

Most of the Skylanders figures you find in the store will run you a measly $10 to $15, but if you happen to own some of the more rare, special edition figures, they can be worth a whole lot of money. The rarest Skylanders are the E3 2011 edition Trigger Happy, Gill Grunt, and Spyro, and cost up to $750 individually.

Will there be a Skylanders Swap Force game?

Unstoppable.” Skylanders: Swap Force is the third installment in the Skylanders series, the sequel to Skylanders: Giants. In this game, a new group of Skylanders are introduced: the SWAP Force .

How many Skylanders are there in the new game?

More than 50 collectible characters including: 16 new SWAP Force characters, 16 new Skylanders characters, 8 LightCore™ Skylanders characters, 16 new versions of fan-favorite Skylanders from the previous games, each featuring an all new “Wow Pow” upgrade power.

What are Skylanders shapeshifters?

This idea was known as Skylanders: ShapeShifters with the main gimmick having Skylanders take on different forms, even forms that resemble their allies. During the development stage of the game’s gimmick, the part swapping mechanics were also tested on various types of characters, including dragons and quadrupeds.

Is this the first Skylanders game not made by Toys for Bob?

This is the first Skylanders game whose console versions aren’t mainly developed by Toys for Bob, though Toys for Bob worked closely with Vicarious Visions on the game and character design. The game was also worked on since before Spyro’s Adventure was released, meaning both teams had to find their own way around toy production.