Should I engrave stethoscope?

Engraving your stethoscope will prevent it from getting stolen, makes you look more professional, makes an excellent branding tool, makes you look good, help you personalize it, and much more. However, if you do plan to sell your stethoscope, then it is not a good idea to engrave it.

What should I engrave on a stethoscope as a gift?

A Heartfelt Message Or perhaps this stethoscope is a gift for a medical professional that changed your life. A message of gratitude, spiritual quote, or imprint of the life-changing date can be a heartwarming sentiment.

Can Littmann stethoscopes be engraved?

A new Littmann stethoscope—personalized for them—is the perfect gift to show your graduate how much you care about them and the work they are beginning. Choose a model with a tubing color and chestpiece finish combination that reflects their style, then add engraving for a personal touch.

How do you put a ID tag on a stethoscope?

To attach this to your stethoscope, simply slip over the earpiece if you want it in the upper tubing section and slide it down to the desired section or to put on the bottom portion, you can remove the bell and slide on. Once your tag is on, you can squeeze it closed.

How should I engrave my stethoscope?

Funny Stethoscope Engraving Ideas

  1. “The doctor is in.”
  2. “Tell me where it hurts.”
  3. “Just beat it!”
  4. “Bend over and cough twice.”
  5. “Miracle worker.”
  6. “Don’t trust this guy.”
  7. “How could you be so heartless?”
  8. “My owners a pro.”

Can you monogram a stethoscope?

Most people engrave the stethoscope for security reasons. We recommend a first and last name so if it walks away it comes back! It is common for titles and degrees be added as well.

What part of the stethoscope gets engraved?

We professionally laser engrave the stethoscope head. We engrave the stethoscope head because it’s the most valuable part of the stethoscope — we do not engrave the tubing like many of our competitors. The engraving creates a permanent mark that does not damage or void the warranty of your stethoscope.

How do you put a name tag on a Littmann stethoscope?