What is the melting point of trans p Anisalacetophenone?

The literature melting point of trans-p-anisalacetophenone is 77-78oC.

What is chalcone2?

2′-hydroxychalcone is a member of the class of chalcones that is trans-chalcone substituted by a hydroxy group at position 2′. It has a role as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is a member of phenols and a member of chalcones. It derives from a trans-chalcone.

What is the molecular weight of Chalcone 2?


PubChem CID 637760
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula C15H12O
Synonyms Chalcone trans-Chalcone (E)-Chalcone 614-47-1 94-41-7 More…
Molecular Weight 208.25

What is the density of P Anisaldehyde?

1.12 g/cm³4-Anisaldehyde / Density

How are chalcones formed?

Chalcone is synthesized by Claisen-Schmidt condensation, which involves the cross-aldol condensation of aldehydes and ketones with a base or acid catalyst followed by a dehydration reaction. Chalcone is a common natural pigment and one of the important intermediaries in flavonoid biosynthesis [2].

What is the formula of chalcone?

C15H12OChalcone / Formula

What is aldol in chemistry?

‘Aldol’ is an abbreviation of aldehyde and alcohol. When the enolate of an aldehyde or a ketone reacts at the α-carbon with the carbonyl of another molecule under basic or acidic conditions to obtain β-hydroxy aldehyde or ketone, this reaction is called Aldol Reaction.

What is the chemical structure of Anisaldehyde?

C8H8O24-Anisaldehyde / Formula

What is P-Anisaldehyde used for?

p-Anisaldehyde may be used as a triplet sensitizer to catalyze the photochemical intermolecular atom-transfer radical addition (ATRA) of haloalkanes onto olefins. It can be used to synthesize 2-(4-methoxybenzylidene)-N-(4-(N-(1-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-5-yl)sulfamoyl)phenyl) hydrazinecarbothioamide.

How do you make Benzalacetophenone?

(i) Synthesis of Benzalacetophenone (1) Pure acetophenone (6.5 g) is added to a solution of sodium hydroxide (2.75 g) in water (24.5 mL) and 95% ethanol (15 mL). the mixture is vigorously stirred while one equivalent of benzaldehyde is added with the temperature maintained between 20o and 30o.