What is Lycoming EIS?

The Lycoming EIS is a drop-in capable replacement for magnetos and provides easy installation and engine startability. Lycoming’s pursuit of electrical engine technology supports improvements in aviation safety, durability, and performance.

What is an advantage of EI ignition?

The clean-burning of air and fuel mixture makes the system less polluting. Does not overload the engine combustion: The electronic ignition system works electrically without power from the crankshaft and as a result, it does not overload the performance of the engine.

What is TCI ignition?

A Transistor Coil Ignition (TCI) type of an Inductive Discharge Ignition (IDI) system is an electronic ignition system used in internal combustion engines. An ignition system provides a high-voltage spark in each of the engine’s cylinders to ignite the air-fuel mixture.

What is the difference between DI and EI ignition systems?

The advantages over the DI system are the elimination of a mechanical distributor, higher firing voltage, better timed spark, and a more efficient running engine. One example of an EI system is the coil-on-plug (COP) system. The COP unit, mounted directly on the spark plug, is controlled by the PCM.

What is TPI ignition?

Transient plasma ignition (TPI) – where high-energy, non-equilibrium plasma ignites flammable mixtures – has been found to promote faster flame propagation rates through a combination of larger volume ignition kernels and the generation of active radicals that enhance flame speeds.

What are Slick magnetos?

A Slick Magneto is part of the ignition system for an aircraft which is separate from the other electrical systems in the plane. They provide the electrical spark to ignite the fuel/air mixture in the engine cylinders of aviation piston engines.

What is E-gap on a magneto?

E-Gap Angle. The position of the rotating magnet in a magneto when the breaker points are timed to open. The E-gap (efficiency gap) angle is several degrees of magnet rotation beyond the magnet’s neutral position.

Is CDI better than TCI?

Difference between TCI and CDI : CDI coils have low impedance and inductance is about XL< 1 ohm and can reach high RPM makes high power and short sparks while TCI coils have high impedance is about XL >1 ohm and can reach lower RPM thus spark duration may be longer.

What is EI on a car?

The EI system (also known as distributorless, direct, or computer-controlled coil ignition system) was actually introduced in the mid 1980s, but really became popular in the early 1990s. Tune-up intervals on EI systems vary, but some manufacturers boast up to 100,000 miles (≈160,000 km).

Is electronic ignition better?

In an electronic system, you still have a distributor, but the points have been replaced with a pickup coil, and there’s an electronic ignition control module. These are far less likely to breakdown than conventional systems, and provide very reliable operation.

What is the eis-41000t electronic ignition kit?

The EIS-41000T Electronic Ignition Kit is a fully STC’d kit for most Lycoming Standard Rotation 4cyl engines installed on twin engine aircraft. Replacing one magneto with the EIS-41000T will typically improve fuel economy on average by 10-15% (many operators have reported consistent fuel savings of 1gph or greater).

What is the new electronic ignition system from Lycoming?

July 23, 2019 5 Lycoming debuted a new electronic ignition meant to be a bolt-on replacement for conventional magnetos. Dubbed the Electronic Ignition System (EIS), the devices have no internal moving parts and slip right into conventional magneto housings on four-cylinder Lycoming engines.

What is the eis-61000?

The EIS-61000 Electronic Ignition Kit is a fully STC’d kit for Continental 360, 470, 520 & 550 series engines, installed on twin engine aircraft. Replacing one magneto with the EIS-61000 will typically improve fuel economy on average by 10-15% (operators have reported consistent fuel savings of 1.5-2.0 gph or greater).

What is the best electronic ignition for my airplane?

The Electroair Igniton is the absolute best electronic ignition for any aircraft, anywhere, anytime!” I put one in my RV4 in 1998 and put 1300 hours on it and it’s still running strong with the new owner.