What are the major varieties of wheat?

The three principal types of wheat used in modern food production are Triticum vulgare (or aestivum), T. durum, and T. compactum.

Which is the best variety of wheat?

Durum wheat, often known as pasta wheat or macaroni wheat, is grown in India. It is also one of the best quality wheat variety in India.

How many varieties are there of wheat?

Varieties. There are around 20 wheat varieties of 7 species grown throughout the world.

Where is wheat mostly grown in Kenya?

Areas where wheat is grown in Kenya include Narok, Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, Trans Nzoia, as well as Nanyuki. Narok is the leading area of production, followed by Nanyuki. The planting season starts from February to early April, during the long rains.

Which is the highest yielding variety of wheat?

Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (HAU), Hisar, has released WH1184, which is highly resistant to yellow and brown rust, while the Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research (IIWBR), Karnal, has released DWB187, which is said to be the highest yielding variety developed in the country so far.

What are the four types of wheat?

Different Types of Wheat

  • Hard Red Winter.
  • Hard Red Spring.
  • Soft Red Winter.
  • Durum.
  • Hard White Wheat.
  • Soft White Wheat.

Can wheat grow in Kenya?

Wheat (Triticum aestivum) belongs to the family Poaceae. In Kenya, it is the second most important cereal grain crop after maize and is grown in areas like Narok, Kitale, Nakuru, Trans-Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, some parts of Laikipia, among others. The major variety of wheat grown in Kenya is the Durum.

How long does wheat take to mature in Kenya?

Harvesting and Post-Harvest In Kenya, your wheat is ready for harvesting after about four months. Maturity varies with different varieties. You should harvest your crop when it matures.

What is the most common type of wheat?

Triticum aestivum
Common wheat (Triticum aestivum), sometimes called “bread wheat,” is the most widely grown species, and yields the flour we buy by the bag. This wheat is the chief ingredient in commercial foods, such as loaf and raised breads, tortillas, doughnuts and cakes, and East Asian noodles.

Which is best seed of wheat?

Top Varieties of Wheat For This Rabi Season

  • Hi 8759 (Puja Tejas) One of the varieties of wheat has a high level of rust resistance.
  • HD 4728(Pusa Malawi) The variety gives an average yield of 5.42 t/ha with the maximum genetic potential of 6.8t/ha.
  • HW 5207 (COW3)
  • HS 562.
  • HD 3171.
  • HD 1605 (Pusa Ujala)

What are new wheat varieties?

The collaborative USDA-University of Nebraska Small Grains Improvement Team has developed two promising new winter wheat varieties: a hard white winter wheat (NW13493) and a hard red winter wheat (Epoch). Both new varieties could be available for planting in growers’ fields as early as fall 2021.

How many bags of wheat can one acre produce Kenya?

Yield per acre for wheat A one-acre piece of land can produce over 20-100kg sacks of wheat. Kenya Wren and Kenya Korongo yield 8.5 tons/ha. Robin variety yields a potential of 8.1tons/ha.

What are the two types of wheat?

6 Types of Wheat

  • Hard red winter wheat. Hard red winter wheat grows in the fall, and is ready for harvest the following spring.
  • Soft red winter wheat.
  • Hard red spring wheat.
  • Hard white wheat.
  • Soft white wheat.
  • Durum wheat.

How much is 1kg of wheat in Kenya?

The price in Kenyan Shilling is KES 21.16 per kg.

Is wheat farming profitable in Kenya?

Wheat farming in Kenya has been done for decades. Production levels have been able to meet local demand, resulting in importing to meet the deficit. Wheat being the second most consumed food in Kenya can be a profitable crop to grow, if well managed.

How to start a wheat farming business?

Introduce our business by sending introductory letters alongside our brochure to stakeholders in the agricultural industry and production companies that rely on the supply of wheat,barley and sorghum as

  • Advertise our business in agriculture and food related magazines and websites
  • List our wheat farms on yellow pages ads
  • How to start a farm in Kenya?

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  • SOIL TYPE – Snail derive most of its nutrients and food from the soil that aids for its survival .
  • HOUSING – This is also very important.
  • How to start greenhouse farming in Kenya?

    – Records of the spray program should be kept for easy follow-up and future reference. – A similar product of a pesticide should not be sprayed for more than two consecutive sprays. The reason being some pests e.g. – Use certified seeds which are high yielding and resistant to pests and diseases. – Get a grip on pests.

    Is there a lot of farming in Kenya?

    There’s a lot that goes into running a successful dairy farm. In fact, dairy farming in Kenya is one of those things that look good on paper. In reality, it’s a whole different story.