Are Matt and Nick Lang twins?

Nick was born on January 29, 1986. When he was one, his brother Matt Lang was born. The two grew up together, often creating stories.

How tall is Matt Lang?

HIGH SCHOOL: A 6’3”, 185-pound guard that excelled at Jesuit High School in Portland, Ore. …

Who plays Hannah in Black Friday Starkid?

Kendall Nicole Yakshe

Role Los Angeles (2019)
Hannah Foster / Tim Houston Kendall Nicole Yakshe
President Goodman, et al. Curt Mega
General John MacNamara, et al. Jeff Blim
Frank Pricely, et al. Corey Dorris

Who is the oldest Starkid?

Features in. Trent Monroe is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe. He is the oldest of the Monroe boys and the son of Linda Monroe. His biological father is possibly Gerald Monroe, however this is currently unknown, as only two of Linda’s four boys are actually Gerald’s.

Is Matt Lang Canadian?

Matt Lang is a Canadian country singer and songwriter. He is signed to the Jayward Artist Group, and has released one album More and four singles.

What happened to Matthew Lang?

The Oregon State Police confirmed that 33-year-old Matthew Lang from Bend was found deceased on Tuesday, Nov 17. “A Jackson County Sheriff Deputy located a body in the river several hundred yards from the crash site,” OSP said in a press release.

Is Rachael Soglin still in StarKid?

Rachael Soglin is an American actress and singer. She is a member of Team StarKid.

Who played Luna in A Very Potter Senior Year?

Evanna Lynch
Notable casts

Character LeakyCon 2012
The Narrator Bob Joles
Luna Lovegood Evanna Lynch
Rubeus Hagrid / Remus Lupin Brian Holden
Quirinus Quirrell / Seamus Finnigan / James Potter Brian Rosenthal

Who is Team StarKid?

Team Starkid originated as a student created theatre troupe originating from Ann Arbor, Michigan, founded in 2009 by theatre students at the University of Michigan.

Who are the guest stars on Team StarKid?

Guest appearances from other members of Team Starkid included Tyler Brunsman, Britney Coleman, Corey Dorris, Elona Finlay, Joe Moses, and “Eastwick”‘s Darren Criss. Also appearing on the tour for guest performances were George Watsky, and The Gregory Brothers.

What happened to StarKid members?

Individually, members of StarKid have gone on to star in Broadway shows like Book of Mormon and Sunset Boulevard, been on TV in Glee , American Crime Story, and The Flash, written their own books, plays, music, films, and more!

Are there any characters in StarKid who are LGBT?

Aside from the aforementioned terms, there are multiple other sexual orientations and gender identities. Starkid have introduced various characters under the LGBT umbrella as well as featuring many LGBTQ+ cast members.