Where are the three torches in Phantom Hourglass?

One of the torches is found on the tiny island to the east. You can make a note of the torch on the map. Another torch can be found just east of the small island at the north end of the map. There is a third torch inside of Kayo’s house.

What do the spirit gems do Phantom Hourglass?

By collecting 10 Wisdom Gems, the Spirit of Wisdom increases Link’s defense while allowing him to stun weaker enemies by walking into them. Additionally, less time will be lost from the Phantom Hourglass when hit by a Phantom.

How do you get the Bombchu bag in Phantom Hourglass?

The Bombchu Bag is an item in Phantom Hourglass. In order for Link to carry or buy Bombchus, he must obtain the Bombchu Bag from the Goron Temple. When Link obtains the bag, it will come with 10 Bombchus….Bombchu Bag.

Inventory Boomerang Bomb Bombchu Bow Grappling Hook Hammer Shovel
Potions Red Potion Purple Potion Yellow Potion

How do you get the shield in Phantom Hourglass?

The Wooden Shield is the only shield found in Phantom Hourglass. It is distinct from other Wooden Shields in the fact that it cannot burn. It can be purchased in the Mercay Island Shop or the Goron Shop for eighty Rupees. Link is able to power up this shield using Wisdom Gems to cut the damage he takes in half.

How many dungeons are in Spirit Tracks?

eight full
There are eight full dungeons, but seven of which can be comfortably completed in less than half an hour. It feels like Phantom Hourglass is just crossing off a checklist most of the time. Spirit Tracks has more than its share of design flaws, but it makes use of the DS hardware more elegantly than Phantom Hourglass.

Who is ciela?

Ciela is Link’s Fairy companion during the events of Phantom Hourglass. She finds Link washed ashore on Mercay Island at the start of the game, and soon agrees to travel with him in his quest to gather the Servant Spirits of the Ocean King and rescue Tetra from the clutches of the Ghost Ship.

How many Gorons are outside right now?

Now go up the two stairs until you are just outside the Goron Temple….Goron Island.

Question Number Question Answer
4 What color were the odd creatures on the cliff? Yellow
4 How many Goron children live on this island? 6
5 How many Gorons are outside right now? 7
5 How many Rupees have you won so far? Easy! 46

Which is better Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks?

Some players believe Phantom Hourglass has a better over-world, and some fans believe that Spirit Tracks has better dungeons. Both over-worlds are constrained to the movements of either boat or train, so opinions may come down to freedom of maneuverability and entertainment offered while traveling the set paths.

What is Celia?

noun Any one of the ventricles or other cavities of the brain; an encephalic cavity; an encephalocele.

How many Gorons live on the island in Phantom Hourglass?

14 Gorons
There are a total of 14 Gorons who inhabit this island, all of which Link must talk to before he can even speak to the tribal leader. The only other island containing Gorons in Phantom Hourglass is Dee Ess Island.

Where do the Gorons live in Wind Waker?

Goron Island
Phantom Hourglass. In Phantom Hourglass, a tribe of islander Gorons live on a large island in the south-eastern Great Sea, aptly titled Goron Island.

Is the Master Sword in Spirit Tracks?

The Lokomo Sword is an item in Spirit Tracks. It is the legendary sword used to defeat Malladus by stabbing his forehead jewel….Lokomo Sword.

Games Spirit Tracks
Location Spirit Train
Uses Stunning Phantoms Defeating Malladus
Related Phantom Sword Master Sword