How can I improve my Afrikaans vocabulary?

Grow Your Afrikaans Vocabulary

  1. Use a Dictionary.
  2. Learn All the Various Facets of Afrikaans.
  3. Try New Afrikaans Vocabulary and Sayings.
  4. Use Technology to Help You.
  5. Rest and Sleep.
  6. Create an Afrikaans-Speaking Environment.
  7. Remain Motivated.
  8. Acquiring Afrikaans Vocabulary.

Is Afrikaans worth learning?

If you’re worried that your ability to learn foreign languages might not be up to par, this is a great language to begin with. While it might sound exotic, you shouldn’t be fooled by the name. Afrikaans is actually quite simple to learn, and many language learners consider it one of the easiest languages to master.

How long can take to learn Afrikaans?

The FSI has over 800 language learning courses in more than 70 languages with more than 70 years of experience in training US diplomats and foreign affairs employees….Germanic languages.

Afrikaans about 575 hours or 23 weeks
Norwegian about 575 hours or 23 weeks
Swedish about 575 hours or 23 weeks

Does the letter C exist in Afrikaans?

The letters c, q, x and z are not native to Afrikaans but of course can be found in loan words.

How do you say OE in Afrikaans?

At the end of word, the /d/ and /b/ sounds become /t/ and /p/….Afrikaans Pronunciation.

Spelling IPA Approximate English pronunciation
oe /u/ as in boot
oei /ui/ oo and ee together
oo /uə/ oo and uh together
ou /ɵu/ similar to oh

Is Afrikaans easy or hard?

Afrikaans is actually quite simple to learn, and many language learners consider it one of the easiest languages to master. Most Germanic languages have two or even three genders, but Afrikaans, like English, uses a singular gender. The verb conjugations were removed, simplifying the language even further.

Why is Afrikaans difficult?

Afrikaans is spoken with several different accents in South Africa. Therefore, what sounds correct to one group of speakers, is foreign to another. The way Afrikaans words are pronounced depends largely upon the situation (literally and figuratively) you find yourself in.

What are some commonly used phrases in Afrikaans?

laanie – From the Afrikaans word meaning “fancy”, but used by Indian people to mean “smart guy” (“Smart” as in “well-to-do”) or, more frequently, “boss”. Compare larnie. lakkaz – meaning lekker from the Afrikaans language. pozzy – house or home; place where one lives or hangs out.

How to teach yourself Afrikaans?

Afrikaans Language Courses. is a great starting point.

  • Apps for Learning Afrikaans. You won’t find Afrikaans on Duolingo,unfortunately.
  • Podcasts for Learning Afrikaans.
  • Books in Afrikaans.
  • YouTube and TV.
  • Other resources.
  • Is Afrikaans a real language?

    Though originally considered to be merely a Dutch dialect, Afrikaans is now a language in its own right. Still, Afrikaans is extremely similar to Dutch, at least in its written form. Take a look at these examples: Afrikaans. Dutch.

    How long did it take you to learn Afrikaans?

    To learn Afrikaans would entail perhaps six months. You’d have to learn the ways Afrikaans grammar differs from Dutch, such as how the double negative is “nie sleg Afrikaans nie.” [Not bad Afrikaans] You would have to learn some vocabulary for (1) Dutch words that mean something else in Afrikaans and (2) Afrikaans words like “bakkie” tha