Can you make your own shutter blinds?

So I decided to go the cheaper route by making my own DIY Plantation Shutters from plywood. I’ve looked around locally for different shutter types and prices; for the three windows in our living room, the average price was about $800. Yet when I’ve made it myself, It cost me about $100 for the material.

What is the best wood to make shutters out of?

While cedar is the common choice among homeowners when it comes to choosing materials for exterior shutters, there are many people that prefer redwood and cypress as well. Redwood and cypress are mainly used for shutters that require high-end installation. Redwood is also resistant to bugs, decay, and moisture.

Can you use pressure treated wood for shutters?

Some say that pressure-treated wood is suitable for shutters because of its cheaper price and weather treatment. Others state that once you start cutting and customizing pressure-treated lumber, it loses some of its durability and weather resistance.

Can I use pine for shutters?

Pine can be the best material for exterior shutters for the application if the climate is relatively mild with minimal temperature fluctuations. However, Pine is a soft wood that expands and contracts more than other woods. With each passing season, the internal movement makes them more susceptible to water damage.

Can I make shutters out of pine?

How to make decorative shutters for exterior windows?

Decorative Shutters by Legends Direct offers 30 to 50% off retail pricing on quality USA-made stock and custom exterior shutters.

  • Not sure which shutter to choose?
  • Great values on all shutter materials,from budget vinyl to traditional wood,durable aluminum and luxury composite.
  • How to make your own shutters?

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    What wood should I use to make exterior shutters?

    Wood Availability. You should find it easy to procure the wood for your exterior shutters.

  • Customization. The best exterior wooden shutters are those that are easy to customize.
  • Appearance. If you use wood to make exterior shutters,it needs to be pleasing to the eye.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durability.
  • How do I measure for window shutters?

    Use a steel tape measure. Don’t attempt to measure with a yard stick or ruler.

  • Employ an assistant to help with larger windows.
  • Don’t assume similar windows are the exact same size. Check all windows to assure accuracy.
  • A sturdy ladder is essential for safety when measuring tall or elevated windows.