Does it matter what color gi for BJJ?

The color of the gi does not matter in BJJ, but the color is often dictated by the training facility where you will be training. The most commonly accepted colors are white, blue, and black. If you intend to compete or attend seminars, then your gi needs to be one of these colors.

How much does a BJJ Gi cost?

The vast majority of gis range from approximately $70-$90 for a simple, basic gi to approximately $160-$180 for a fancier and/or more durable gi. Of course, you can always find those off-brand jiu jitsu gis sold on Amazon for much less, but you have to keep in mind that “you get what you pay for”.

What does a black gi mean in BJJ?

A blue gi in bjj does not signify a certain level the person has reached. Wearing a blue or black gi is a personal choice. Some academies prefer blue or black because they look more clean and sleek than a white gi.

Are Kitsune GIS good?

The thing I love about this gi is that the inside panels have a smooth, almost silky texture, and are cool to the touch. It’s likely because of these panels that I’ve been okay wearing this gi in the summer, as they run not only across the back, but along the inside chest as well.

How do I stop my smelly gi?

If your gi is super stinky, you can pre-soak it in a vinegar and water solution in your washing machine before washing it. Start with 1 or 2 cups of vinegar per gi and enough water to cover the gi(s). Use trial and error with the amount of vinegar and the time you need to soak it in order to get rid of the smell.

Can white belts do no gi?

No-Gi competition rules Within the IBJJF rule set, all chokes and arm locks are permitted for adult white belts to black belts. Leg locks are a different story. The IBJJF allows straight ankle locks for all divisions. However, kneebars and toe holds are only allowed in the brown and black belt divisions.

Is it OK to only train no gi?

If you can escape positions and subs while wearing a Gi (considering all the grips and friction the two gis make) oftentimes escaping without the Gi is even easier. 3) “If people just want no-gi, then just do no-gi. But traditional BJJ usually involves both gi & no gi training.

How do I make my BJJ smell nice?

Tips to help you look your best while extending the life of your gi

  1. Always wash in cold water.
  2. Every 6 months soak your gi in water & vinegar solution for 8 hours+ prior to washing.
  3. Every 6 months add baking soda to your wash load.