What is margin top android studio?

android:layout_marginTop Specifies extra space on the top side of this view. This space is outside this view’s bounds. Margin values should be positive. May be a dimension value, which is a floating point number appended with a unit such as ” 14.5sp “.

What is margin android?

Margins are the spaces outside the border, between the border and the other elements next to this view. In the image, the margin is the grey area outside the entire object. Note that, like the padding, the margin goes completely around the content: there are margins on the top, bottom, right, and left sides.

What is a layout margin?

What is the difference between Match_parent and Wrap_content?

fill_parent and match_parent are the same, used when we want the height or width of a view to be as big as its parent view, fill_parent being deprecated. wrap_content is used when we want the view to occupy only as much space as required by it.

What margin top auto does?

percentage (%): It is used to specify the amount of margin as a percentage relative to the width of the containing element. This paragraph has 5% top margin . auto: This property is used when margin-top is determined by the browser. initial It is used to set margin-top property to its default value.

What is margin in android layout?

Margin is a way for a view to enforce some distance from others views. By specifying margin for a view, we say that keep this much distance from this view. Android has 5 kinds of margins.

What does Wrap_content mean?

WRAP_CONTENT means that the view wants to be just large enough to fit its own internal content, taking its own padding into account.

What does margin top mean?

The margin-top property is used to specify the width of the top area of the element’s margin box. That is, it specifies the area of space required at the top of the element, outside any defined border. Every element on a web page is rectangular.

How do I set dynamic margins in Android?

“how to set layout margin programmatically in android” Code Answer’s

  1. LinearLayout ll = new LinearLayout(this);
  2. ll. setOrientation(LinearLayout. VERTICAL);
  3. LinearLayout. LayoutParams layoutParams = new LinearLayout. LayoutParams(
  4. LinearLayout. LayoutParams.
  5. layoutParams. setMargins(30, 20, 30, 0);