How many goals did Louis Saha score for Manchester United?

42 goals
Despite struggling with injuries in parts of the 2004–05 and latter parts of the 2006–07 and 2007–08 seasons, Saha still contributed 42 goals in all competitions for Manchester United in 120 appearances for the club.

Was Louis Saha good?

Saha was the league’s outstanding player and top scorer with 27. He was one of a new breed of striker, combining the elements of a bullish old-fashioned target man – strength, power, hold-up play and heading ability – with explosive pace and exceptional technique.

How old is Saha?

43 years (August 8, 1978)Louis Saha / Age

Is Louis Saha Matturie Louis Saha?

There is no relation or connection between the former Manchester United footballer Louis Saha and Louis Saha Matturie.

What age is Zaha?

29 years (November 10, 1992)Wilfried Zaha / Age

What team does Wilfried Zaha play for?

Crystal Palace F.C.#11 / ForwardIvory Coast national football tea…#9 / Forward
Wilfried Zaha/Current teams

Is Louis Saha retired?

2013Louis Saha / Career end

What is the meaning of Saha?

Businessperson, merchant
Saha (surname)

Meaning Businessperson, merchant
Region of origin Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura
Other names
Variant form(s) numerous

Did Zaha play for Man U?

On 11 August 2013, Zaha made his debut for Manchester United in the 2013 FA Community Shield against Wigan Athletic. He was included in the starting line-up and played 61 minutes before being replaced by Antonio Valencia as he won his first major honour in football.

How good is Zaha?

Ultimately, Zaha’s talent is what makes him an excellent signing. He certainly has the pace and stamina necessary to be a top-class winger. His dribbling ability and vision make him a threat to attack down either flank, making him a versatile threat.

Can Saha be SC?

Saha caste in bengali belongs to SC (Scheduled caste).

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