Does Arstotzka exist?

Arstotzka is bordered by Kolechia (Ukraine) with Antegria and Republia resembling the real life Latvia and Estonia and the United Federation being the real Russian Federation. Of course the map has been flipped in-game to where Russia is on the other side.

Will Jacksepticeye return to YouTube?

YouTube star Jacksepticeye, whose real name is Sean, has been speaking about his absence from the video sharing site but will come back eventually. Several years ago, an era on YouTube began which saw the rise of a band of notable content creators who would become huge stars in their own right.

How do you pronounce Arstotzka?

Ars-tot-ska. In Cyrillic, Arstotzka is spelled “Apcтoцкa”, which would be prounounced “Ars-toz-ka”. Considering the FAQ Google Translate entry, this was probably done for appearance’s sake.

What’s happening with Jacksepticeye?

Jack announced that he would be taking an indefinite hiatus in January 2020 after the death of his father. He posted the sad reason for his break on Twitter, where many of his fans responded with their support. “My father passed away today. I won’t be doing anything for a while.

Is Arstotzka based on Germany?

Kolechia- West Germany (Shares its east border with Arstotzka (East Germany), and is often referred to as a much better place, the character has the option to escape there at the end of the game to escape Arstotzka’s (West Germany’s) regime.

Will Papers, Please be on Xbox?

Papers, Please dev’s marvellous nautical mystery Obra Dinn coming to consoles. Docking on Xbox One, Switch, and PS4 this autumn. Return of the Obra Dinn, the “insurance adventure” from Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope, is making its way to Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 this autumn.

Can you get Papers, Please on PS4?

Lucas Pope clarifies after “confusing” announcement from Sony.