Are Joe and Charlie still alive?

Joe McQ. and Charlie P., a team of two men (who died in 2007 and 2011, respectively) known as Joe and Charlie who met in 1973 and spent the next three decades spreading their interpretation of the Big Book.

How do you do the 6th step in AA?

Step 6 requires participants to become willing to look at their negative qualities and ask their higher power to help them change….What is Step 6 of AA?

  1. Realize that you don’t have to do this step just once.
  2. Check your attitude.
  3. Talk with your sponsor or therapist.

What is the difference between Step 6 and Step 7 in AA?

To remove our shortcomings or defects of character, we’re instructed to use Step 6 and Step 7: AA’s Step 6: Were entirely ready to have God remove all our defects of character. AA’s Step 7: Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.

What is the principle of step 6?

Step 6 is focused on acceptance, which involves accepting character defects exactly as they are and then being willing to let them go.

When did Joe and Charlie get sober?

Charlie got sober in 1970 and started studying the Big Book seriously with Joe in 1973.

What does step 6 na mean?

Learning to rely on others and a Higher Power have also been big parts of the process. It’s at Step 6 NA where developing an actual willingness to live drug-free becomes the focus. Making a way for this willingness to develop means letting go of the “old self” once and for all.

What is the 6th step prayer?

Sixth Step Prayer Dear God, I am ready for Your help in removing from me the defects of character which I now realize are obstacles to my recovery. Help me to continue being honest with myself and guide me toward spiritual and mental health.

What does it mean to remove our shortcomings?

In AA terms it is the practiced art of being “right-sized.” When you humbly ask your Higher Power to remove your shortcomings you are recognizing that you are neither too big nor too small. Gone is your self-entitlement or grandiosity; as is your shame, regrets or unworthiness.

Who is Joe McQuany?

Joe McQuany was the founder of Serenity Park, Inc and Kelly Foundation, Inc. in Little Rock, Arkansas. For over 40 years Joe devoted himself to helping others discover the joy of recovery through the program found in the original Twelve Steps.

Are Joe and Charlie AA approved?

Although Joe and Charlie are no longer with us, their talks continue to inform and inspire AA members, and will do so well into the future. We are eternally grateful for what these men have done for us personally, and for what they’ve done for the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

What are defects of character Step 6?

Here are the defects of character:

  • Resentment, Anger.
  • Fear, Cowardice.
  • Self pity.
  • Self justification.
  • Self importance, Egotism.
  • Self condemnation, Guilt.
  • Lying, Evasiveness, Dishonesty.
  • Impatience.

How do I humbly ask God to remove our shortcomings?

a) In your journal, write out a prayer for each shortcoming that you are entirely ready to have removed. Humbly ask your Higher Power to remove it. b) Write out a prayer for each shortcoming that you are not entirely ready to have removed. Humbly ask your Higher Power to make you ready to have it removed.

Why do I want God to remove my shortcomings?

So what does it mean to humbly ask God to remove your shortcomings? It’s not simply reading a list of shortcomings to God. It is honestly bringing your admission of self-effort, your trembling fear, your shackles of doubt, your debilitating shame, and admitting these things to God. God is pleased with your honesty.