Which state produces the most soldiers in India?

With 1,67,557 soldiers, Uttar Pradesh tops the list of states contributing manpower to the Army. While Uttar Pradesh, the nation’s most populous state, makes up 16.5 per cent of the country’s population, its share in the rank and file is 14.5 per cent.

Which tanks were deployed to clear Afra?

118 tanks would be joining the fleet of the first batch of 124 Arjun tanks which have already been inducted into the Army and are deployed in the western desert along the Pakistan front. The 118 Arjun tanks would also form two regiments in the Armoured Corps of the Indian Army like the first 124 tanks.

What is the name of the rifle given to Indian Army?

AK 203 is an automatic and semi-automatic rifle; it has an effective range of 500m and can fire up to 600 RPM. At 3.8 Kgs, it is shorter in length and lighter than the 5.56mm INSA (Indian Small Arms System) assault rifle, the current standard issue for the Indian Army, which it will be replacing.

Are there no Gujaratis in army?

Another reason for the lack of Gujaratis in the army is that the state has a powerful mercantile ethic. This stresses pragmatism and does not give much importance to honour. Many ‘martial’ communities will scoff at this ethic but it is the reason Gujarat has produced great businessmen.

How many Patton tanks India destroyed?

However, even 54 years later, confusion prevails on how many Pakistani Patton tanks Hamid destroyed — figures vary from two to 11. परमवीर चक्र विजेता अकेले पाकिस्तान के 7 टैंक नष्ट करने वाले शहीद वीर अब्दुल हमीद को पुण्य तिथि पर सत् सत् नमन।

What weapons did India buy from Israel?

In March 2020, India had signed a contract with Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) to procure 16,479 LMGs under Fast Track Procedure, which are worth Rs. 880 crore. Indian Army required 40,000 LMGs in addition to assault rifles.

Which state has least army in India?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Highest number of army in India; Himachal Pradesh has the highest per capita recruitment with 420 recruits/1 Million Population between the years 2017 to 2019, while the figure is the lowest for Goa with 4 recruits/1 Million Population.