Can you drive into Carkeek Park?

The Seattle Parks Department re-opened the gate and parking lots at Carkeek Park on October 19th. You can now drive into the park.

Is Carkeek Park free?

Park entrance is free, and official hours are daily, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The hike described here includes the entire length of Piper’s Creek, plus a number of trails on the north and south ridges above the creek. For a shorter or easier hike, a glance at the trails map will suggest other possibilities.

Can you bike Carkeek Park?

5.5 Bicycles are restricted to paved surfaces only at Discovery Park, Schmitz Park, and in the Washington Park Arboretum. 5.6 Bicycle use in Ravenna, Carkeek, Seward, Interlaken, Lincoln and Woodland Parks, and in natural areas and greenbelts will be restricted to trails 60 inches wide or greater.

Can you swim at Carkeek Park?

While this is an excellent beach for sunbathing and swimming (be prepared for Puget Sound temperatures), leave the boat or paddleboard at home, as the carry across the bridge and down the stairs would be difficult to say the least. Do bring a camera, however, especially if you visit Carkeek near sunset.

What neighborhood is Carkeek Park in?

Broadview neighborhood
Carkeek Park is a 216 acres (87 ha) park located in the Broadview neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The park contains Piper Orchard, Pipers Creek (and its tributaries Venema Creek and Mohlendorph Creek), play and picnic areas, picnic shelters, and hiking trails.

How many acres is Carkeek Park?

220 acres
This popular park offers extraordinary views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Explore the secrets of this northwest Seattle watershed, nine miles from downtown. Here, 220 acres of lush forest, meadows, wetlands, creeks, and beach are formed by the magic of water and time.

Are bikes allowed in Discovery Park?

Where can I ride my bike in Discovery Park? Bikes may be ridden on all the paved roads and trails in the Park. Bikes must be walked on any soft surface trails.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Sammamish?

Hidden Lake is permanently closed. The lake and dam will be removed in summer/fall 2022….Beaches’ water test results are posted once per week, usually on Wednesday afternoons.

Andrews Bay – Seward Park Lake Sammamish State Park
Juanita Creek Thornton Creek
Kennydale Beach Waverly Park Beach

How did Carkeek Park get its name?

Morgan J. Carkeek, prominent builder and contractor in Seattle, Oregon, and Victoria, B.C. The original was displaced by a Naval Air Station. Morgan Carkeek offered the proceeds of his sale to the City for another park.

Is Discovery Park paved?

packed dirt/gravel and paved much of the way. Beautiful day and lots to be seen!

Can you bike Discovery Park Seattle?

Why Is Bitter Lake called Bitter Lake Seattle?

The tannic acid from logs dumped into the lake was so bitter that horses refused to drink from it, thus giving the 20-acre pond its name.

Is Discovery Park Safe Seattle?

Discovery Park is very safe during the day. Lots of people, including kids, walking, jogging, biking, especially on a sunny day. We have never seen “homeless” folks in the park.

How long is Discovery Park Trail?

2.8 miles
The Discovery Park Loop Trail is a designated National Recreation Trail, 2.8 miles long with an elevation change of just 140 feet.

How long is the Discovery Park Loop Trail?

Where is Carkeek Park in Seattle?

Carkeek Park is located in northwest Seattle, between 3rd Ave NW and Puget Sound. The park includes all of Piper’s Creek (sometimes written without the apostrophe) plus the adjoining side hills and some side streams, plus a beach area.

What kind of trails are there at Carkeek Park?

There are many excellent, well-maintained trails to be found at Carkeek Park. Forest, meadow, wetland, creek side, and beach combing trails are waiting to be discovered. Select the image below to enlarge or click here for a printable PDF version of the Trails Map.

What is the history of Carkeek Park?

The first Carkeek Park was located at Pontiac Station just north of Sand Point and in 1918 was named for Morgan J. Carkeek, an English building contractor who came to Seattle in 1875. In 1928 the park moved to its location in northwest Seattle.

What to do in and around Carkeek?

Carkeek Park Explore forest trails along Piper’s Creek and adjoining ridges. Visit a Puget Sound beach and enjoy great views across the Sound to the Olympics.

Are there bathrooms at Carkeek Park?

Bathrooms: There is a large porta potty at the east end of the lower meadow, located near where the road splits. A bathroom is located at the west bluff, past the playground from the parking lot.

Is there parking at Carkeek Park?

Parking is available near the Environmental Learning Center (the odd No Parking sign refers only to the area with the red curb,) near the lower part of Piper’s Creek and near the beach.

Carkeek Park is a 216 acres (87 ha) park located in the Broadview neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

Where is Gold Creek Pond?

Directions: From North Bend, WA take I-90 east for about 24 miles to the Hyak exit #54. Take this exit, head north and turn right on Forest Service Road #4832 that parallels the north side of the freeway. Drive 1.0 mile, turn left on Gold Creek road #142 and turn left in 0.3 mile into the Gold Creek Pond parking lot.

Is Broadview Seattle a good neighborhood?

Broadview is in King County and is one of the best places to live in Washington. Living in Broadview offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. In Broadview there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Do I need pass for Gold Creek Pond?

Passes: A valid Recreation Pass is required at Gold Creek trailhead. Information Center: Check current conditions or call Snoqualmie Ranger District, North Bend Office at 425-888-1421.

Can you swim in Gold Creek Pond?

Signs still warn people not to fish or swim in the pond, so despite it’s clarity, there is probably a fair amount of poison swirling about. There are still a few wildflowers, but they are certainly past their prime. And despite how easy it is to access this trail, there are very few people.

Where is Broadview Washington?

northwestern Seattle
Broadview is a neighborhood in northwestern Seattle, Washington, United States.

Can you ride bikes in Discovery Park Seattle?

Bikes may be ridden on all the paved roads and trails in the Park. Bikes must be walked on any soft surface trails.

How long is Gold Creek Pond trail?

Get to know this 1.2-mile loop trail near Snoqualmie Pass, Washington. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 23 min to complete. This is a very popular area for birding, cross-country skiing, and hiking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

Are there fish in Gold Creek Pond?

Gold Creek is home to one of just three remaining populations of bull trout in the upper Yakima Basin. Bull trout are listed as “threatened” on the Endangered Species List, and are a priority for protection by federal, state and local agencies and groups.

Is Broadview a good neighborhood?

Does Discovery Park require masks?

For the health and safety of our guests and employees, everyone three and older are required to wear a mask when visiting Discovery Park of America. Free masks are available at the main ticket counter. Discovery Park is strictly following all recommended health and safety guidelines for guests and employees.

Can you bring food to Discovery Park?

Can I bring my own food and/or beverage to Discovery Park of America? No outside food or beverages are allowed at Discovery Park of America.

Do I need a pass for Gold Creek Pond?

Where is the Broadview neighborhood in Seattle?

Broadview is a neighborhood tucked in the far northwest corner of Seattle, bounded by the Seattle city limits on the north, Puget Sound on the west, Carkeek Park on the south and Greenwood Ave on the east.