Are bearded dragons OK with cats?

Docile, easy-going, and friendly, bearded dragons are popular pets. However, they’re lizards, which cats are known to hunt. This can leave you concerned that your cat will attack or kill your bearded dragon. With proper introductions, cats and bearded dragons get along well.

Will my cat hurt my bearded dragon?

Since cats are natural hunters, there is a fairly high risk that a cat could harm your bearded dragon, if they are kept in the same space. An active feline can also stress out the reptile. This can be prevented by keeping the animals apart, or always supervising them when they are together.

How do I protect my bearded dragon from my cat?

  1. Keep Your Bearded Dragon in a Separate Room. This may seem like an obvious answer – and it probably is.
  2. Use a Stand the Same Size as Your Cage. If your cat keeps jumping on your bearded dragons cage, make it jump-proof!
  3. Get a Lock or Clamp for Your Cage. Zilla Clamp for Mesh Cage Top.

What happens if a cat bites a bearded dragon?

3 Steps if Your Bearded Dragon is Bitten by a Cat Even if injuries appear superficial, treatment may still be required for shock and cleaning the wounds to prevent abscesses. Clean the wounds with antiseptic. Keep your bearded dragon warm and hydrated while recovering, likely will be in shock.

How do you introduce a cat to a bearded dragon?

You want to take it slow when introducing your bearded dragon to other pets. Make sure to hold the bearded dragon tightly and allow your cat or dog to sniff it and get used to it. Remember your dragon is completely new and foreign to your cat and dog, so you want to let them get used to the dragon their own way.

Are bearded dragons afraid of cats?

The bearded dragon is not known to be intimidated by larger animals such as dogs or cats. The cat doesn’t require specialized requirements in the household. However, the bearded dragon needs everything reptiles usually require such as: UV light, heat, and moisture.

Is cat saliva toxic to bearded dragons?

The saliva isn’t neurotoxic, but the bacterial load is so high it can cause infection and sepsis very quickly.

Are bearded dragons scared of cats?

Can I get a lizard if I have a cat?

Bites and scratches can be lethal to reptiles, as they are very slow to heal from damage, and cats in particular can transfer nasty bacterial infections to wounds. Even declawed cats can catch, kill & eat a gecko or other small reptile! Even the stress of an encounter may prove fatal to more delicate animals.

How do I introduce my cat to my bearded dragon?