Who is the owner of Shoprite Checkers in South Africa?

Norman Herber, the chair of Greatermans department stores, was the founder of Checkers. The firm was later expanded and made successful by Raymond Ackerman. The Checkers supermarket chain is part of the Shoprite Group….Checkers (supermarket chain)

Type Subsidiary
Website www.checkers.co.za

Who is the founder of Pick n Pay?

Jack GoldinPick n Pay Stores / Founder

Who is the management of Shoprite?

The Shoprite management team includes Kate Leslie (Head of Rewards), Larry Collins (President), and Photy Tzellios (Supply Chain Director).

Who owns Pep Stores in South Africa?

As of November 2009, the company reported over 1400 stores in operation, with total employment equalling 14,000 employees. It also owns and runs the largest clothing factory in southern Africa, where it manufactures much of its clothing….Pep (store)

Industry Retail
Number of employees 15,000
Parent Pepkor
Website www.pepstores.com

Who was the chairman of the board of Pick n Pay?

RAYMOND ACKERMAN In 2010 he was reappointed as Chairman of Pick n Pay Holdings Limited RF and retired from the Pick n Pay Stores Limited Board, when Gareth was appointed Chairman of Pick n Pay Stores Limited.

Who are the shareholders of checkers?

At the end of June 2021, the group has 1,966 supermarkets (Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Usave and LiquorShop) located mainly in South Africa (1,726);…2021.

Name Equities %
Parametric Portfolio Associates LLC 109,129 0.018%
Hexavest, Inc. 86,783 0.015%
Aperio Group LLC 59,223 0.010%

Who is the CEO of Vodacom?

Shameel Joosub (Sep 1, 2012–)Vodacom / CEO

Who is the CEO of Takealot?

Mamongae Mahlare
Takealot Group has appointed Mamongae Mahlare as its new Group Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 October 2021. Her appointment follows the announcement that Kim Reid will transition to Chairman, Takealot Group, during the course of this year, where he will focus on the group’s longer-term growth ambitions.

Who is the CEO of Spar?

lloyd johnson – ceo – SPAR | LinkedIn.