What happened to Erin Andrews and Tom on Dancing with the Stars?

DWTS EP Says Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews Were Replaced Because the Show Needed to ‘Evolve’ An executive producer for Dancing with the Stars is further detailing why former show hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews were replaced for the new season.

Where did Erin Andrews go?

FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews will become the next high-profile commentator in search of new home, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post. Andrews, who’s worked for FOX since 2012, will reportedly draw interest from ESPN, where she quickly rose to the national stage after joining the company in 2004.

Why did Tyra Banks Take Over DWTS?

Banks replaced them as the show underwent major production and presentation tweaks, mostly due to COVID-19. All these changes have irritated a large section of DWTS viewers, and Banks takes most of the heat. Many are crediting this just-announced move to Disney+ to Banks’ failings as a host.

How rich is Erin Andrews?

The television personality resigned with the company in 2016 to focus primarily on football, and several online sources claim Erin Andrews’ annual salary is around $2 million per year. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Andrews has a net worth of $30 million in 2022.

What does Erin Andrews do now?

Sports commentatorActorTV Personality
Erin Andrews/Professions

Who owns the show Dancing With the Stars?

BBC Studios
Dancing with the Stars (American TV series)

Dancing with the Stars
Executive producers Ashley Edens-Shaffer Joe Sungkur Rob Wade Andrew Llinares David Ruskey Tyra Banks
Production locations Television City Studios, Los Angeles, California
Running time 40–86 minutes
Production company BBC Studios Los Angeles