Will UVic be online Fall 2021?

As President Hall indicated in March, and following direction by the province, we are planning for a full return to face-to-face teaching and learning this September. We are also exploring some online offerings for students who are unable to be on campus due to challenges like study permit processing delays.

How do I email UVic?

General inquiries

  1. 250-721-8121.
  2. [email protected].

Who is the dean of UVic?

Allana Lindgren. The Dean holds responsibility for the academic leadership of the Faculty, strategic direction and recruitment, resource allocation, policy and governance, engaging with community, industry, and global partners, and securing resources and investment for Fine Arts.

Is UVic going online 2022?

Course delivery for 2022 24, 2022, instructors have been expected to remain consistent with the course delivery mode as identified in the UVic timetable, as well as the assessment mode indicated in the course syllabus.

Is UVic going back in-person?

Since Winter Session 2021/22, UVic has returned to primarily in-person learning with varying layers of health and safety measures in place, depending on the latest public health guidance.

How many students go to UVic?

21,593 (2015)University of Victoria / Total enrollment

What is UVic athletic fee?

The mandatory athletics fee ($83.75 per semester for full-time students, $41.88 for part-time) pops up every year, and yet its usage is unclear. UVic has a vibrant Athletics and Recreation Services (ATRS) program, but fitness passes, weekly programs, and intramural teams all cost extra.

Does UVic U-Pass work in Vancouver?

U-PASS gives all UVic, Camosun College and Royal Roads students unlimited access on all Victoria Regional Transit routes during a four-month semester.

How much does 4 years at UVic cost?

Canadian citizens and permanent residents

Item Year 1 Year 4
Tuition $6,045 $9,065
Co-op program fee $381
UVic Student Society (UVSS) and other fees (bus, athletics, etc.) $499 $499
UVSS Dental and UVSS Extended Health $378 $378