What can I use as a front splitter?

Common material choices are plastics, plywood, sign board materials, carbon fiber honeycomb composites, Kevlar composites and aluminum. Each material has its pros and cons. We use Alumalite sign board material and plywood for many of our splitter designs. Both offer a good balance of strength and weight to cost.

What are front splitters made of?

Car splitters are usually made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, alumilite, and other composites. Lip kits, on the other hand, are made from high-quality, durable rubber.

What plastic is used for splitters?

Polyweave™ is a Piedmont exclusive woven polypropylene material that is commonly used to manufacture high tech racing splitters for the racing industry. At a race car’s front end, the splitter sits only about 1/16” above the ground. This allows the aerodynamic splitter to create maximum downforce.

What are splitters made out of?

How does a wind splitter work?

In basic terms a wind splitter is a downforce producing piece of wood, It does this by stopping air from going under the car and forcing it over the car. Air traveling under the car is being slowed down by all the arms/sump and other things sticking down under the floor pan.

What are the different types of front wind splitters?

There are two types of APR Performance Front Wind Splitters. The first type is the standard carbon fiber type. This type of splitter provides good strength and rigidity, and is suitable for moderate racing conditions. The second type is the carbon fiber + nomex honeycomb type.

What is the APR performance front wind splitter?

The APR Performance Front Wind Splitter (hereinafter referred to as “Splitter”) is an aerodynamic tuning component that plays an important role in helping a vehicle achieve aerodynamic balance.

Will the front end of a splitter work on a wing-equipped vehicle?

Just as there are significant forces acting upon the rear-end of a rear wing-equipped vehicle, there are also significant forces acting upon the front-end of a Splitter-equipped vehicle. To help ensure a smooth installation, please read the following guidelines before you begin any work on the Splitter.