How long is Buster Keaton The General?

1h 15mThe General / Running time

Why is The General 1926 important?

After making three features of a more modest scope, The General (1926) marked his return to filmmaking on an ambitious scale. Built around a majestic prop that becomes a character in its own right—a locomotive steam engine—it is still filled with intimate moments. It is a grand achievement.

How long is The General silent movie?

Why is The General a great film?

The General is an ambitious film that combines historical fact, outlandish stunts, acts of heroism, and an inventive story line. The plot was inspired by a real incident, though the “Keaton touch” adds some of the most memorable stunt work and sight gags the cinema has ever seen.

Why is The General a good movie?

“The General” is an epic of silent comedy, one of the most expensive films of its time, including an accurate historical recreation of a Civil War episode, hundreds of extras, dangerous stunt sequences, and an actual locomotive falling from a burning bridge into a gorge far below.

Is war machine true?

Based on the nonfiction book The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan by Michael Hastings, it is a fictionalized version of the events in the book based on United States Army General Stanley McChrystal.

What is the theme of The General?

The General, American silent comedy film, released in 1927, starring and directed by comedian Buster Keaton, and cited by many film historians as one of the greatest American movies. It is set during the American Civil War (1861–65) and highlights the theme of personal redemption.

Is The General a slapstick comedy?

Buster Keaton’s masterpiece The General (1926) is a bit of an outlier in the world of silent slapstick comedies. It had an unusually high budget for a slapstick comedy at $750,000, likely because of Keaton’s reputation for directing and producing successful films.

What was the primary reason for Citizen Kane’s financial failure in its initial release?

Although it was a critical success, Citizen Kane failed to recoup its costs at the box office. The film faded from view after its release, but it returned to public attention when it was praised by French critics such as André Bazin and re-released in 1956.

Is the general a slapstick comedy?

Did Buster Keaton film the general in Oregon?

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Is there a statue of Buster Keaton in the United States?

A mural was painted on a building in Cottage Grove, OR commemorating the film. David Thomson has speculated it is “the only memorial in the United States to Buster Keaton.”

Did Buster Keaton ever laugh at the sight of men being killed?

Writer Robert E. Sherwood wrote, “Someone should have told Buster Keaton that it is difficult to derive laughter from the sight of men being killed in battle.” One good review came from the Brooklyn Eagle. In 1963, Keaton said, “I was more proud of that picture than any I ever made.

Is Buster Keaton in the credits of the Great Gatsby?

Although Buster Keaton is the star of this film, he is listed last in the on-screen credits. In 2003, ‘David H. Shepard’ produced 75-minute video version with music by The Alloy Orchestra. This film flopped when it was released in late 1926 for several reasons.