How do I contact Philips HR?


How do I contact Philips Electronics?

Other Contacts

  1. DVD/Home Theater. Phone: 1-866-309-0866.
  2. MP3/Audio. Phone: 1-888-744-5477.
  3. Mother & Child Card. Phone: 1-800-542-8368.
  4. Lamps/Lighting. Phone: 1-800-555-0050.
  5. Mother & Child Care. Phone: 1-800-542-8368.

What companies does Philips own?

Philips is organized into three main divisions: Philips Consumer Lifestyle (formerly Philips Consumer Electronics and Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care), Philips Healthcare (formerly Philips Medical Systems), and Philips Lighting (Former).

What is the phone number for Philips Sonicare?

For questions not addressed in our Help section, please call (800) 422-9448. For Order Help, such as order status, shipping and tracking, changes to your order or to report a problem, please call our Customer Service toll free at (888) 427-9279.

Does Philips offer a pension?

Philips has spun off pension benefits for participants in scope from the Philips Electronics North America Corporation Pension Plan into a new pension plan, the Philips Electronics North America Corporation Legacy Pension Plan (the “Legacy Pension Plan”).

Is Frans van Houten married?

The 20 star executives are doing nothing less than defining the future of business.” Frans is married and has four children.

Does Philips allow work from home?

Philips has implemented personal hygiene measures throughout the organization, together with business travel restrictions to and from high-risk areas. Moreover, we have implemented a global ‘working from home’ protocol for all employees whose roles can be carried out remotely and who are equipped to do so.

Does MetLife have a pension plan?

Since 1921, MetLife has worked with companies to successfully de-risk clients’ pension plans while providing financial security for their retirees.