Which section was toughest in CAT 2015?

The overall structure of the CAT paper was as follows:

Section No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension 34 Easy
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 32 Moderate – Difficult
Quantitative Ability 34 Medium
Total 100

Which books should I prefer for CAT exam?

CAT Books For Quantitative Ability:

  • NCERT mathematics books (6-10)
  • How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Arun Sharma.
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Abhijit Guha.
  • Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Verma.
  • Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Nishit Sinha.

Which book is best for preparation of CAT?

Answer: Some of the best books for CAT preparation are ” How to prepare for CAT” by Arun Sharma for Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation, for Verbal Ability, one must have a look at “High School Grammer” by Wren and Martin.

How many books are there in the CAT exam?

CAT Preparation Course (Set Of 11 Books, 30 Self Assessment Tests…

How many slots does cat have 2015?

2 slots
Some of the prominent CAT changes over the years are, the number of exam slots increased from two to three and the questions were decreased to 66 from 76….Past Year Test Taking Window.

Year Test-taking window Slots
2015 1 day 2 slots
2014 2 days 4 slot
2009-13 20 days window 40 slots

Which year CAT exam was tough?

November 15: CAT 2019 was conducted on November 14. The overall difficulty level of the exam was Moderate with some parts being on the Difficult side….CAT Last 10 Years Question Paper Analysis (2011 – 2019)

Year Exam Analysis
CAT 2011 CAT 2011 Question Paper Analysis

Who conducted CAT 2016?

Since 2014 onward, CAT has been conducted by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). CAT 2015 and CAT 2016 were 180-minute tests consisting of 100 questions (34 from Quantitative Ability (QA), 34 from Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), and 32 from Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)).

Is Arun Sharma good for CAT preparation?

Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma is one of the best books for Data Interpretation preparation for CAT. The book covers key aspects on fundamentals of Data Interpretation. The book contains 45 test papers with fully solved Mock tests on latest CAT pattern. The book also contains past papers of XAT, SNAP and IIFT.

Is CAT exam online or offline?

120 Minutes Exam: CAT 2022 is a computer delivered test of 2 hours duration but it is not an Online Exam. 66 Questions: Like last year, CAT 2022 exam will have 66 questions divided in 3 sections of VARC, DILR and Quantitative Ability. Earlier it used to have 100 questions divided in three sections.

Who conducted CAT in 2015?

It was only IIM Indore who convened CAT for 2 consecutive years and the responsibility to convene CAT in 2015 was again assigned to IIM Ahmedabad.

How to prepare for Cat 2015 exam?

Best way to start any exam preparation is with last year paper. This paper will give you understanding about CAT exam. Download CAT 2015 question paper here>> CAT 2015 question paper solutions “Verbal easy to medium – questions were tricky at places.”

How many questions are there in the CAT exam?

There are three sections in the CAT exam Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Aptitude. Candidates Number of questions each section carry: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension- 26, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation- 24, and Quantitative Aptitude- 26.

What is the pattern of the CAT exam?

Know the detailed CAT Syllabus and Exam pattern. There are three sections in the CAT exam Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Aptitude. Candidates