How do I run BDLS?

Step 2.1: Start transaction code BDLS and enter the required old/new logical system names and unselect other options “Test Run” and “Existence Check on new names in tables”. Please enter tables to be converted choice as A* and execute the BDLS run in the background.

What is the use of BDLS?

BDLS is used for LOGICAL System Name conversion after System Refresh activity. When we refresh our quality system (QAS) from Production system (PRD) then in Quality system production system entries come in database that need to changed with Quality system’s entry in order to Quality system work properly .

Is BDLS required after client copy?

You do not need to run BDLS after client copies, but only after system copies.

Can we run BDLS in parallel?

The RBDLS2LS does not do anything in parallel, neither does it use use any RFC groups not it uses more than one BGD/ DIA processes.

What client do I need to run BDLS?

In both these scenarios, you need to run BDLS with client dependent and client independent tables.

Is BDLS client dependent?

Is BDLS client-specific?

It depends on the type of system copy you want to do. The SAP note 886102 is useful here. If you want to copy a single BW client (scenario B4) or a single source system client (scenario C4) you have to convert the client-specific tables only.

How do you speed up client deletion in SAP?

“dfkkop”; INSERT INTO sapsr3. “dfkkop” SELECT * FROM “dfkkop_tmp”; COMMIT; ALTER INDEX sapsr3. “dfkkop~0” REBUILD ONLINE; Rebuilding the primary index is a good thing to speed up the client deletion afterwards.

How can I improve my BDLS performance?

Here are my top tips for BDLS improvements….Top Tips

  1. Naturally run in noarchivelog mode in Oracle or simple backup mode for SQLServer.
  2. Build bdls helper indexes on all tables with logical system fields.
  3. Executing BDLS conversions in parallel in background with variants eg A-K, L-S, T, U-Z , .

How do I find logical system name in SAP?

To Name the Logical System

  1. In the SAP R/3 System home window (shown above), type SALE into the command field and click Enter to display the Distribution (ALE) Structure window.
  2. Expand the tree to display IDoc Interface / Application Link Enabling (ALE) > Basic Settings > Logical Systems > Define Logical System.

How do you delete a beat in SAP?

How to Delete a Client in SAP SM50

  1. Step 1) Login and Go to T-code SCC5. T-code which is used for SAP client deletion is SCC5.
  2. Step 2) Select Option “Delete an entry from T000” Click on “delete in the background” for client delete in SAP to run as background job.
  3. Step 3) Check Client Deletion Process.

Can we change logical system name in SAP?

You can do that from transaction BDLS – Convert Logical System Names. New Logical System Name : New SAP Logical System after the conversion. Untick Test run option. It’s better to execute the conversion in background, because the process is usually long running.

Can we delete Po in SAP?

3 Answers. If you would like to delete it individually: Go to ME22 -> enter Purchase order no. -> hit Enter -> Form Menu Edit and delete.

How do you check logical systems in SAP?

Expand the tree to display IDoc Interface / Application Link Enabling (ALE) > Basic Settings > Logical Systems > Define Logical System. Click the Activity button to select Define Logical System. This displays the Logical Systems Overview window.

Is it normal for bdls to be long running?

Basically, it is a normal for the BDLS to be long running but if it is extremely long running. That’s going to be a big problem! So, to avoid this, you can follow below steps.

How to speed up a bdls run?

When running BDLS you should always run it in “Test Mode” first. This will give you a list of entries to be converted and also an idea of how long the real run will take. It also speeds up the real run a lot as it no longer has to check every table for references to “LOGSYS” or “EDI_PARNUM”.

What is the bdls course?

This includes a consistent and scalable approach to workforce protection and casualty management, as well as, mass casualty triage and fatality management. The BDLS course is designed to engage participants through interactive scenarios and group discussion.

What is the table size that the bdls is running on?

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