What does prattling on mean?

to talk in a silly way or like a child for a long time about things that are not important or without saying anything important: She’d have prattled on about her new job for the whole afternoon if I’d let her. Stop your prattling and go to sleep! Synonyms. blabber informal.

How do you use prattle in a sentence?

Prattle sentence example Religion is turned into a mere prattle and talk; few mind the interest of Christ. The prattle of the little ones and their pleasure in the stories I told them of elf and gnome, of hero and wily bear, are pleasant things to remember.

Is Praddle a word?

to talk in a foolish or simple-minded way; chatter; babble. verb (used with object), prat·tled, prat·tling. to utter by chattering or babbling. the act of prattling.

What does the word Prattler mean?

someone who talks for a long time about things that are silly or not important: Fiona’s such a prattler – I wish she’d get to the point! See. prattle.

What is an antonym for prattle?

Antonyms. whisper shout close up specify keep quiet dissuade mitigated. prate yakety-yak idle talk blether yack.

What part of speech is prattle?

intransitive verb

part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: prattles, prattling, prattled
definition: to talk in a foolish and childish way; chatter meaninglessly. He can prattle on for hours about nothing. synonyms: blabber, blather, drivel, prate similar words: babble, chatter, gibber, jabber

What means Arseling?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines arseling as meaning “backwards” and having been derived from the noun arse and the suffix –ling. Being a dictionary on historical principles, the OED also provides information about the past usage of the word.

How do you use the word frivolous?

How to use Frivolous in a sentence

  1. Less frivolous than someone I know.
  2. At bottom the man was frivolous, profoundly selfish, unstable, and utterly incapable of consistency or application.
  3. We write lots of little messages to each other, many very frivolous, others more serious.

What is a synonym for haughtily?

synonyms for haughtily

  • insolently.
  • loftily.
  • superciliously.
  • with one’s nose in the air.

What is the synonym of the word prattle?

verb. 1’he loved to prattle on about his friends’ affairs’ chatter, babble, prate, blather, blether, ramble, gabble, jabber, twitter, go on, run on, rattle away, rattle on, blither, maunder, drivel, patter, gossip, tittle-tattle, tattle, yap, jibber-jabber, cackle.