Where can I find deadly red spiders?

Deadly red spiders are spiders found in several locations in RuneScape, especially in the Wilderness, Varrock sewers, and Karamja. Deadly red spiders are fairly accurate and can hit up to 272, with a ranged attack, with a speed of 6 (equivalent to scimitar/mace/dagger speed).

Are red spiders poisonous Osrs?

I think this spider has been genetically modified. Deadly red spiders are an aggressive species of spider….Navigation.

Giant rat Giant spider Hill Giant Hobgoblin Obor Rat Skeleton Zombie
Wilderness Black demon Chaos druid Chronozon Deadly red spider Earth warrior Poison spider Skeleton Thug

Where are red spiders in Osrs?

Deadly red spiders are an aggressive species of spider. Their eggs can be usually found nearby. The spiders found in Varrock Sewers are a popular training spot for free-to-play, as they reside in a multicombat area and aggressive to low levels.

Where can I find red spider eggs Osrs?

Obtaining red spiders’ eggs The Varrock Sewers – 2 egg spawns (respawns every 60 seconds, requires a knife to slash the web). One of only two F2P spawn locations, the other is Karamja Volcano.

Where are red spiders rs3?


Location Levels Spawns
Varrock Sewers 95 9
Abandoned Farm (level 35-38 Wilderness) 95 11
Chaos Tunnels 95 10
Myreque Hideout 95 2

Are moss giants aggressive Osrs?

Moss giants are aggressive to players with a combat level of 102 or lower. They are sometimes given out by Vannaka as Slayer assignments.

What are tattered pages Osrs?

The tattered temple page is a torn page obtained from monsters in the Forthos Dungeon. Four of these are used to fill the tome of the temple during the miniquest In Search of Knowledge, although players do not need to begin the miniquest to begin obtaining them.

Can I have more than 1 Mossy key?

A mossy key grants players access to Bryophyta’s lair in the moss giant section of the Varrock Sewers. It is consumed when used to unlock the gate, allowing one fight with Bryophyta per key. It is possible to hold more than one mossy key at once.