How can I check my registered documents online in Telangana?

How to Check Your Land Records Online in Telangana

  1. Visit Telangana offcial website and select the option ‘Registered Document Details’.
  2. You’ll be required to enter details like district, Sub-Registrar Office (SRO), book type, registration year, and document number.
  3. Submit or you can reset the information accordingly.

How can I check my title deed online in Telangana?

Log on to the official link

  1. Go through the property registration procedure then check the given details and proceed the steps.
  2. Completion of all the process registration number will be generated and it will sent to your registered mobile number and e-mail id for future use.

How can I check open plot details in Telangana?

Visit Telangana land records online search portal at // On the next page select ‘Know your SRO jurisdiction’. Now you will be prompted to enter your District, Mandal and village. Click on submit and all the information regarding your SRO will be displayed.

How can I download certified copies of documents in Telangana?

Steps to get IGRS Telangana Certified Copy

  1. Step 1: Go to the “Online Services” section and click on Certified Copy.
  2. Step 2: You will be redirected to another page where you have to click on either “Certified Copies of Registered Documents (On Payment)” or “Certified Copy of Document (New Registrations Only)”.

What is search EC in Telangana?

The long awaited dream, enabling the Citizens to search on their own the Encumbrance on any property registered in Sub Registrar Offices has been made a practical reality with the advent of Information Technology. Now citizens can search for Encumbrance on 24X7 basis from anywhere through the medium of Internet.

Where can I find link documents for property in Telangana online?

How can I download land documents online in Telangana?

How can I search land by name in Telangana?

Step 1: Log on to the “CCLA” website.

  1. Step 2: On the homepage click on the “Know Your Land status” link.
  2. Step 3: On this page, click on “Land Details Search” link given under the head “RECORD OF RIGHTS (ROR)” system.
  3. Step 4: Enter credential Select district, division, mandal and village from the dropdown list.

How can I check my land details in Dharani?

Steps to Check Your Land Records Online

  1. Step -1: Visit the Dharani official portal.
  2. Step -2: Click on the land status option from the main menu.
  3. Step -3: ROR-1B & Pahani online window will be displayed.
  4. Step -4: From the list of districts, select your District.
  5. Step -5: From the list of divisions select your Division.

How can I download my sale deed copy online in Telangana?

Can we download link documents for land in Telangana?

If you are concerned about how to get link documents for property in Telangana online, I can help you. The Government of Telangana has established an online portal under Registration and Stamp Department to deal with such fraudulent cases related to the property to help and educate its citizens.

How can I get Telangana link documents online?

Go to the official Dharani Portal and choose the ‘Registered Document Details’ option. You will have to fill in details, such as book type, Sub-Registrar Office (SRO), district, document number, and registration year. After that, you will be able to check the relevant land records.