Who is the only Black guy in NASCAR?

Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr.
Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr., the only black driver in NASCAR’s top racing series, has drawn widespread attention and acclaim for his principled stand that got the Confederate flag banned from races in a largely white sport.

How much do NASCAR drivers make if they lose?

Through the purse split, the winner, on average, takes home $47,500 a race while the loser makes close to $8,500. Kyle Busch became the highest-paid NASCAR driver when he won the 2019 Cup Series.

Why does Trevor Bayne not race anymore?

“I did not want to be done in the race car (after the 2018 season),” Bayne said in a media conference this week. “I still wanted to drive. I still wanted to be at the track. I just didn’t have the right opportunity.

Who are the 4 Black owners in NASCAR?

Cars backed by Black celebrity owners Michael Jordan (23XI Racing) and Brad Daugherty (JTG Daugherty) were guaranteed entry thanks to their Cup charters, while teams owned by Black boxing legend Floyd Mayweather (The Money Team Racing) and Black entrepreneur John Cohen (NY Racing) qualified into the 500 as open …

How many NASCAR owners are Black?

There are four Black team owners running cars at today’s race. It’s the most Black ownership to ever compete in the Daytona 500. NBA legend Michael Jordan (23XI Racing) is in the field, as is his former North Carolina teammate and longtime NBA center Brad Daugherty (JTG Daugherty).

Who is the only African American to win a NASCAR race?

On December 1, 1963, he took the checkered flag at Speedway Park in Jacksonville, Florida, the first and only African American to have a NASCAR win until his record was broken in 2013. Scott also managed four consecutive top-10 points finishes.

What percentage of NASCAR fans are African-American?

Steve McCormick has written about NASCAR racing and has appeared as a car racing expert on ESPN Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, and Fox Sports Radio. African-Americans comprise just 8 percent of NASCAR’s fan base.

What happened to NASCAR’s plan to attract more diverse fans?

NASCAR hoped that with the banning of the Confederate flag last season (at the urging of Bubba Wallace, the sport’s only full-time national series Black driver), as well as more outreach focusing on diversity, it could attract a younger, more diverse audience.

Who was the first black driver to start a NASCAR race?

Wendell Scott Wendell Scott became the first African-American to start a NASCAR race when he took the green flag on March 4, 1961, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. But Scott had engine problems that day and did not finish. Not only was Scott the first and most prolific of all African-Americans in the sport but also the most successful.