What is red sweep?

Brand Name: Kleen Sweep Red. Keeps dust down while sweeping. Ideal for use in shop areas, garages, warehouses. Safe for most hard floor surfaces such as concrete, unfinished wood, vinyl and tile. Easier disposal compared to oil-based compounds that are banned from landfills in some states.

What is green sweep made of?

Green Sweep (recycled, non-petroleum) Made from recycled content and contains no petroleum ingredients andperfect for the environmentally conscious. Available sanded or non- sanded, safe for all floors and performs as well as traditional petroleum oil base sweeping compounds.

What is dry sweep?

Dry mopping involves picking up loose and dry dirt, like food debris and soil, from floor surfaces. Dry mops usually have microfiber, yarn or fabric cloth heads that collect and trap the dirt. These are attached to a handle, and as you move them across the floor, they pick up the particles.

What is Zep sweeping compound made of?

ZepĀ® Professional sweeping compound is a soy-based, all-purpose, nonpetroleum formula that captures dust and debris on hard floors. Made with renewable soy-based oils.

What is green sweep?

green sweep offers recurring cleaning, deep cleanings, move cleaning, and small office cleaning services. There are so many ways we can help you regain time and enjoy your life more.

Can you use sweeping compound on hardwood floors?

It works well on concrete surfaces, metal floors and unfinished wood floors.

Can you reuse sweeping compound?

Warning. Store any remaining sweeping compound in its original container, but do not save the container once emptied.

How long should you let Sweeping Compound sit?

Apply the solution with a mop or stiff long handle. Allow the solution to sit for 1 minute, then scrub and rinse well with clean water. I hope this helps! Feel free to call 1-888-805-4357, if you have any questions.

Is Zep sweeping compound toxic?

exposure. Contains crystalline silica, which may cause lung disease and/or cancer. Repeated inhalation of dust can produce varying degrees of respiratory irritation or lung damage. Prolonged or repeated contact may dry skin and cause irritation.

What is the point of sweeping compound?

Sweeping compounds are a tacky, powdery material that can be scattered over the area to be cleaned and then swept up again to remove dust and waste that has remained on the floor of your job site.

How do you sweep without kicking dust?

Do you kick up choking clouds of dust each time you sweep out your workshop, garage or basement? Here’s how to keep down the dust: Before you start sweeping, lightly mist the floor with a spray bottle. The water will keep the dust from swirling up.

Can I vacuum sweeping compound?

Dry floor sweeping using sweeping compounds is not permitted unless wet methods, HEPA vacuuming or wet sweeping are not feasible and it can be demonstrated through air sampling they are more effective in controlling silica dust.

How do you make sweeping compound?

One of the basic homemade sweeping compounds is made with 6 cups of fine sawdust, 1 1/2 cups of mineral oil and 2 cups of rock salt. Mix the ingredients in a bucket or other large container. Prepare the sweeping compound in advance, if desired, and have it ready when needed.

What is a green sweep?

How often should I sweep my floors?

Even if you live by yourself or don’t experience frequent activity in your home, your floors still need attention if you want it to remain spotless. In this case, we recommend giving your floors sweep and mop sessions once a week. Dust and dirt can accumulate over time if no one is going in and out of different rooms.