What bank is routing number 231372691?

Santander ABA / routing number might be different depending on when and in which state account was opened. If you don’t know this information, simply check Santander bank account number length, if it has: 10 digits – routing number is 231372691.

What is the routing number for Santander Bank USA?

If your bank account number has 11 digits, the bank routing number is 011075150. If your bank account number has 10 digits, the bank routing number is 231372691.

How do I find my routing number without a check Santander?

Santander notes on its website that you can tell your routing number by how many digits your account number has:

  1. 011075150 for 11 digits.
  2. 231372691 for 10 digits.

How to find the Santander bank routing number?

– Look up your routing number by state (see the list below) – Show you how to find your routing number on your personal checks if you have one – Call Santander Bank customer service and ask them for your routing number

How to find Santander Pennsylvania routing number?

Find Routing number of Santander in check. This number of Santander contain 9 nine digits which can be found in bottom left hand of check. There may be 3 numbers in bottom of Santander Bank bank check and first number is routing no, second is accounting and third is check number.

Where can I Find my routing and account number?

Sign in to your account with your username and password.

  • Click on the account you need the routing and account number for
  • Click on the “View Details” link to the left of your balance
  • How to find a routing number?

    Your checks. Look at the bottom of one of your personal checks.

  • Bank statements. If you don’t have checks in your possession,you can also find your routing number on your bank statement.
  • Contact the bank. If all else fails,call your bank or visit a branch and ask for your routing number.
  • Routing Numbers of Major U.S. Banks.