Did Rangers players fight in the war?

In addition, Rangers players Finlay Speedie, Tommy Muirhead, John Clarke, Jimmy Low, Jimmy Bovill, Willie Kivlichan, John McCulloch and James Galt were wounded in action. During the years of the Great War, a memorable event in the annals of the Rangers history took place.

Who is More successful Celtic or Rangers?

Honours table

Rank Club Total
1 Rangers 117
2 Celtic 113
3 Aberdeen 19
4 Heart of Midlothian 16

Who used to play for Rangers?

Notable players

Name Nationality Rangers career
Archie Kyle Scotland 1904–1908
Alex Craig Ireland 1904–1914 1916–1917
George Law Scotland 1906–1912 1916–1917
Joe Hendry Scotland 1909–1917

Do Rangers count war titles?

As we have debated countless times, Rangers do not include the ‘War Years’ titles that were won in our total trophy tally.

How many Celtic players died in the war?

Over 50 contracted and former Celtic players served in the war. Of the 908,371 British and Commonwealth soldiers who died in the fighting, six were former Celtic players whilst one was still a contracted player at the club.

Who played for Rangers in the 90s?

Avg Friend Score

Player % Correct
Andy Goram 90.7%
Barry Ferguson 89.7%
Duncan Ferguson 89.2%
Ally McCoist 88.1%

Who played for Rangers in 2000?

Rangers FC » Squad 2000/2001

14 Ronald de Boer 15/05/1970
6 Barry Ferguson 02/02/1978
Jimmy Gibson 19/02/1980
27 Stephen Hughes 14/11/1982

Did Celtic play in ww2?

In 1946, Celtic played Rangers in the final of the Victory Cup (a one-off summer tournament)….

Season League Position
1939-40 West Regional League 13th
1940-41 Southern League 5th
1941-42 Southern League 3rd
1942-43 Southern League 9th

What does the word hun mean in Scotland?

“Huns” usually refers to Rangers fans in the main, but also can be used to refer to Hearts, Kilmarnock and even fans from clubs from outside Scotland who sympathise with them.

How many Scottish players play for Rangers?

The Scotland under-21 squad contains no-less than six Rangers players, with three of those currently out on-loan.

Who are some famous Rangers players?

Notable players Name Nationality Position Rangers career Appearances Moses McNeil Scotland 26 HB 1872–1882 34 Peter McNeil Scotland 22 HB 1872–1877 7 William McBeath Scotland 26 HB 1872–1876 5 Peter Campbell Scotland 40 FW 1872–1879 24

How many footballers have played for Rangers?

This is a list of notable footballers who have played for Rangers. The list includes all players that have appeared in one hundred or more first-team (league, Scottish Cup, Scottish League Cup, Scottish Challenge Cup or European competition) matches for the club which totals 243 current and former players.

Who is the player from a-Z in Rangers FC?

Rangers FC » Players from A-Z Player Country Position born David Bates Scotland Defender 05/10/1996 Jim Baxter Scotland Midfielder 29/09/1939 Lee Baxter Sweden Goalkeeper 17/06/1976 John Fleck Scotland Forward 24/08/1991

Who has made the most appearances for Rangers?

^ Greig holds the record for most appearances for Rangers, with 755 in his seventeen year spell at the club. He was voted the Greatest Ever Ranger Archived 30 December 2006 at the Wayback Machine in 1999.