Are negative counters damage?

No, -1/-1 counters do not themselves count as damage. You can think of them as an effect of damage, when the source dealing the damage has wither (or infect). In general, damage dealt to something in the game has an effect that depends on what it is being dealt to.

Does a +1 counter negate a counter?

+1/+1 and -1/-1 counters do cancel out whenever a player would receive priority. However, no other kinds of counters cancel out. They are canceled out whenever state based actions are checked State based actions rules start with #704 in the rules.

What are charge counters?

Charge counters are the third most common counter type in Magic, and serve as the default counter for noncreature permanents. They were introduced on the Ice Age cards Ice Cauldron and Jeweled Amulet, though they also have been retroactively applied to the Legends mana battery cycle.

Do counters negate each other MTG?

They cancel each other out. 121.3. If a permanent has both a +1/+1 counter and a -1/-1 counter on it, N +1/+1 and N -1/-1 counters are removed from it as a state-based action, where N is the smaller of the number of +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters on it.

Can you enchant indestructible?

Indestructible is an evergreen ability that is found on creature cards, enchantments, instants, and even sorceries. A card that has the Indestructible ability on it can’t be destroyed by any card that says “destroy” or by means of “lethal damage.”.

Can you counter a sorcery?

Counterspells work well against sorceries. Because a player can only cast sorceries during their main phases, while the stack is empty, you can’t cast sorceries in response to counterspells. For example, I cast Lava Axe while having two other sorceries, Lava Spike and Bump in the Night, in hand.

How do charge counters work?

Basically, when you play a spell, put a charge counter/piece of lint/poker chip/quarter or whatever else on him to signify that he has a thing, to a maximum of 3. Then, at the beginning of his turn, you can remove one of those things that you’re using to signify his charge counters to give him a temporary attack bonus.

How do counters work in magic?

A counter is a marker placed on an object or player that modifies its characteristics and/or interacts with a rule, ability, or effect. Counters are not objects and have no characteristics. Notably, a counter is not a token, and a token is not a counter. Counters with the same name or description are interchangeable.

Can a creature have +1 and counters?

There’s definitely no restriction about which type of counters can be on which type of objects. You can have +1/+1 counters on non-creatures.

Do plus and minus counters cancel out?

If a creature ever has +1/+1 counters and -1/-1 counters on it, the two kinds of counters immediately “cancel out,” one for one, until only one kind of counter remains.

How does AEther Vial work?

[casthaven]Aether Vial[/casthaven] at its core is a mana source. While it doesn’t literally produce mana, it lets you put your creatures into play without having to pay for them. A single vial can effectively net you two to five mana every turn, making it a very powerful card.