Is Salil Ankola married?

Parineeta Ankolam.?–2011Ria Banerjee
Salil Ankola/Spouse

Who is Salil Ankola wife?

Salil Ankola/Wife

Why did Salil Ankola leave?

His repute as a “poor fielder”, resulted in being dropped from the side after subsequent series. At age 28, Ankola retired from international cricket to pursue a career as an actor. Since then he went on to appear in a number of Indian soap operas and a few Hindi films.

Who is Vinod Kambli wife?

Andrea HewittVinod Kambli / Wife
After separating from her Kambli married fashion model Andrea Hewitt. The couple has a child born in June 2010. After his marriage to his second wife Andrea, Kambli converted to the Catholic Church, naming his son Jesus Christiano Kambli.

What is the age of Vinod Kambli?

50 years (January 18, 1972)Vinod Kambli / Age

What Salil Ankola doing now?

Actor and former cricketer Salil Ankola has a lot on his plate. He is currently nurturing new talent as the chairman of the senior selection committee of the Mumbai Cricket Association, helping his wife with her business of food therapy and shooting for a Tamil film.

Who is Andrea Hewitt Kambli?

The South-Asian bombshell, Andrea Hewitt Kambli is the wife of a former cricketer of the Indian cricket team and current politician Vinod Kambli. She is a model by profession based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is also her birthplace.

Which of the actor is a son of former cricket?

His son Yuvraj Singh was a member of the Indian cricket team from 2000 to 2019….Yograj Singh.

Personal information
Relations Yuvraj Singh (son) Hazel Keech (daughter-in-law)
International information
National side India (1980–1986)

Is Vinod Kambli married?

Andrea HewittVinod Kambli / Spouse

Who is role model in cricket?

If there is a perfect role model in international cricket, he is none other than Virat Kohli, a man who is born to rule world cricket.

Why did Parineeta get divorced from Salil Ankola?

Parineeta had a disturbed marital life. She got divorced from Salil Ankola in 2010 after Salil became addicted to alcohol. Salil played for India in 1996 but when he failed to do much in cricket, he tried his hand in films and serials but it too did not work.

What happened to Nelly Parineeta?

“Her family members had stepped out of the house in the afternoon and returned around 8 pm. They found Parineeta’s body suspended from the ceiling fan,” he added.

What happened to Salil Ankola?

Inspector Ram Pathare of Swargate police station said, “A suicide note has been recovered from her residence, stating that she has committed suicide due to frustration. She has written in the note that no one should be held responsible for her death. There’s no mention of Salil Ankola.”