When did Treehouse Miami Open?

Established in 2011. Treehouse brings all good vibes with the best deep house & techno format in Miami.

Does Treehouse Miami have a dress code?

Treehouse is for people looking to dance, party, and let loose. There is no dress code and in my opinion it is the most enjoyable club to visit in Miami.

Who owns Treehouse Miami?

Treehouse nightclub owner and operator Michael Freundlich put the single-story, 4,322-square-foot property at 323 23rd Street on the market.

What is the dress code for club Liv?

Dress Code As one of the hottest clubs in Miami, LIV guest dress to impress. Collared shirt, jeans, and dress shoes are the recommended attire for the guys while upscale club dresses are for the ladies.

Can you wear shorts to Treehouse Miami?

No Shorts. No Flannel shirts (large box flannels) No Blank white T-Shirts (stylish white shirts & white shirts with designs are ok)

Is Treehouse Miami outdoor?

Came for the first time post Covid and Treehouse has an outdoor seating area which is nice where you can chill and get a drink. But the real fun is inside. This is not a pretentious Miami nightclub.

Can you wear jeans in Miami?

While you should dress up for nice restaurants or the theater, you will be able to wear jeans or shorts and flip flops to most places. Choose light fabrics in the summer. If you visit Miami in the summer, wear light fabrics like cotton and linen. Bring short sleeve shirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, and capris.

Where can I park for a treehouse in Miami?

Nearby Parking Options

  • 237 20th St – Garage. Excellent (13) 0.2 mi. starting at. $25.
  • 1732 James Ave. – Valet. Excellent (27) 0.4 mi. starting at.
  • 1667 Washington Ave. – Lot. Great (21) 0.5 mi. starting at.
  • 1710 Lenox Ave. – Lot. Great (23) 0.8 mi. starting at.
  • 3924 Collins Ave. – Confidante Hotel Parking – Garage. (15) 1.0 mi.