How does SCons build work?

SCons is a computer software build tool that automatically analyzes source code file dependencies and operating system adaptation requirements from a software project description and generates final binary executables for installation on the target operating system platform.

How do you clean SCons?

When using SCons, it is unnecessary to add special commands or target names to clean up after a build. Instead, you simply use the -c or –clean option when you invoke SCons, and SCons removes the appropriate built files.

Why should I use Bazel?

Bazel may give you faster build times because it can recompile only the files that need to be recompiled. Similarly, it can skip re-running tests that it knows haven’t changed. Bazel produces deterministic results. This eliminates skew between incremental and clean builds, laptop and CI system, etc.

How do you check if SCons is installed?

4 Answers

  1. Install python, including pip and tick ‘add python to PATH’
  2. Run pip install scons in command line.
  3. If you run pip show scons it’ll show you where the Scons code actually is (for me it’s c:serssername\appdata\roaming\python\python38\site-packages – but this is not what you want to add to your path.

Does Google still use Bazel?

Google. Bazel was designed to be able to scale to Google’s needs and meet Google’s requirements of reproducibility and platform/language support. All software at Google is built using Bazel. Google uses Bazel and its rules for millions of builds every day.

Where is SCons located?

The reason is because scons. bat is in C:\Python38 and is in C:\Python38\Scripts . To run scons, it needs to find scons.

Why is Bazel fast?

First, we can heavily parallelize the build, because we know which things depend on which other things. Second, we can make incremental builds very fast, because we can tell what parts of the build have to be re-done when you change a specific file (BUILD file, header file, source file.).

How do I run SCons on Windows?

Where is SCons installed?

If your Linux distribution does not already have a specific SCons RPM file, you can download and install from the generic RPM provided by the SCons project. This will install the SCons script(s) in /usr/bin, and the SCons library modules in /usr/lib/scons.

Is Bazel the best build system?

The Go community sometimes argues about whether Go projects should use go build or bazel build . Looks like the Istio project is migrating from Bazel to a pure Go build process. Bazel is pretty magic inside Google.

How uninstall Scons Ubuntu?

Running locate “scons-” | grep -v miniconda give me files in /usr/local/bin/scons and /usr/local/lib/python2. 7/site-packages/scons- . You can uninstall using pip depending on your installation location. which you have to handpick yourself for deletion.

How do I open pip?

Do I already have pip?

  1. Open a command prompt by typing cmd into the search bar in the Start menu, and then clicking on Command Prompt:
  2. Type the following command into the command prompt and press Enter to see if pip is already installed: pip –version.

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Where can I find the documentation for SCons?

This page contains links to general SCons documentation, and to documentation (man page and User’s Guide) for the current stable release of SCons: 4.3.0. Man pages and User’s Guides for other releases of SCons are available at the Version Specific SCons Documentation page. The man page for the current stable release of SCons.

Is the source code annotated for sconscript files?

WARNING: we really mean internal: there’s lots here that is only intended for SCons to use itself, and should not be picked up by SConscript files – and if it is, it is not guaranteed not to change across versions. The source code markup is not annotated in a way as to distringuish public from non-public API.