What is EDM and IDM in Symantec DLP?

EDM is used to detect individual “cell” values within an object whereas IDM is used to compare overall content of an object to a known source based on percentage.

How do I deploy Symantec DLP?

Basic Steps to Deploy and Config Symantec DLP 15.5 with Installation Videos

  1. Download Installation Files from Symantec File Connect.
  2. Decide DLP Installation Tiers.
  3. Install Oracle DB.
  4. Install Enforce Server.
  5. Install Detection Servers.
  6. Install Endpoint DLP Agent.

How do I import a Symantec DLP Solution Pack?


  1. Install the Solution Pack immediately after installing the Enforce server.
  2. Ensure that the VontuNotifier service is running before installing the Solution Pack.
  3. Run the command as an Administrator and ensure that the syntax is correct: SolutionPackInstaller.exe import path_to_the_solution_pack.

What is data classification in DLP?

Data classification is the process of organizing data into relevant categories. These categories can be general, such as Top Secret, Confidential and Public, or quite specific, such as categories aligned with particular regulatory compliance mandates like GDPR and HIPAA.

What is Symantec DLP enforce?

The Enforce Server administration console provides a centralized, web-based interface for deploying detection servers, authoring policies, remediating incidents, and managing the system. About. Symantec Data Loss Prevention.

Does Symantec DLP support Linux?

Best Answer. No,DLP endpoint agent for Linux.

How does Symantec DLP work?

DLP Network Monitor captures and analyzes outbound traffic on your corporate network, and detects sensitive content and metadata over standard, non-standard, and proprietary protocols. It is deployed at network egress points and integrates with your network tap or Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN).

What are data loss prevention tools?

A data loss prevention (DLP) tool ensures that an organization’s data is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users.

When implementing a DLP strategy What is the first step?

The first step in any DLP program is to determine which data would cause the biggest problem were it stolen. Manufacturing companies might choose to prioritize intellectual property such as design documents in their DLP efforts, particularly those for future products.