Where do you respec in Republic fleet?

Skill Mentors are NPCs that can reset player’s Discipline and refund skill points. This is known as re-specializing or respeccing. They can be found in major cities such as Dromund Kaas or Coruscant and on the Imperial and Republic Fleets.

Where is the fleet reset?

You need to talk to the Skill Mentor, not your class trainer. On Fleet, he is in the Combat Training area. For Republic, there is a second one on Coruscant, under the Senate Plaza, in the middle, behind the GTN terminals.

How do you unlock field respec in swtor?

It’s in the character perk, the first tab, section of the Legacy window. You need to be level 10, have a Legacy level of 5 or higher, and spend 200k to get the field respec for a character.

How do you get off the imperial fleet in swtor?

Look for the Black Talon Flashpoint. Take the elevator behind the droid and when you exit, instead of going straight to the Black Talon, take a left and you’ll find the shuttle to Dromund Kaas. Be sure to pick the correct one. If you mouse over the door, it will tell you the destination.

Can you respec discipline Swtor?

After a Player has chosen their advanced class, s/he will have to choose a discipline. It is possible to change the characters discipline at the on the Fleet in the Combat Training Section, or if the Player has bought the character perk Field Respecialization directly in the Discipline window.

Can I change my class in swtor?

you cannot change classes or factions. At around level 10 when you leave the starting planet and go to the fleet, you will see a person who gives you a quest for your advanced class. THIS IS A PERMANENT CHOICE!

Can you change advanced classes in swtor?

each AC is it’s own class. You should NEVER be allowed to change a class after creation. Also it’s so easy to level now, if you want to change what your playing making another character and getting it to max level takes about 2-3 days anyway.

How many strongholds can you own SWTOR?

Yes. You can have 5 strongholds, which can be one of each stronghold. If you’re a guild leader, you can also have a guild SH and a flagship.

Can you get different ships in SWTOR?

There are six different spaceships for players to choose from. Each spaceship type is based on the class line players take on. Players can get from the BT-7 Thunderclap, the D-5 Mantis, the Defender, the Fury, the X-70B Phantom, and the XS Freighter.

How do I change my class spec Swtor?

There is a legacy perk you can purchase for 200k credits called field respecialization. This allows you to change your spec at will outside of combat or warzones. Once you purchase this perk, simply open your specialization window and hit the abandon button to reset it.

Can you change disciplines SWTOR?