Do you need an alignment after installing drop spindles?

You will need an alignment after spindle install. But a proper alignment should be more than achievable with standard cam bolts on stock or stock reproduction upper arms.

Should springs be settled before alignment?

Springs do “settle”. H-sports settle a bit and it may take months for them to finish settling, if not a year. Don’t bother waiting, just get the alignment done now. The amount of settling will not change alignment much at all.

How long should springs settle before alignment?

Install springs first. I’d suggest a week to 10 days of regular driving for them to settle. Then install the alignment parts and do the alignment.

Do you need a wheel alignment after lowering springs?

Otherwise you’ll end up with uneven tire wear if you continue to drive without an alignment after lowering your vehicle. While it might not need an alignment, chances are it will. And the result of not doing it could be prematurely wearing out a set of tires so it should be checked.

How long should lowering springs settle before alignment?

Will lowering springs damage shocks?

Let me tell you, there is no worse suspension than no suspension at all, so limiting compression travel is one of the worst things you can do for your ride quality. With increased frequency of bottoming your shock out, you are likely to cause your shock to prematurely wear out and become completely ineffective.

Do I need drop springs with drop spindles?

Conclusion. Both choices will lower your car, and drop spindles may be all you ever need. But, if you are considering these upgrades, weigh the options based on your future path. If you just want to lower the car and don’t see yourself ever replacing any other parts, then drop spindles might be the way to go.

Which way do you spin drop spindles?

To start spinning on a drop spindle, we recommend beginning with the park and draft method, this way you can focus on each step of the spinning process. Spin the spindle clockwise by rolling the spindle in a clockwise motion along your leg or by spinning it like a top with your fingers.