Are you flat chested after a double mastectomy?

About 25 percent of double mastectomy patients choose to stay flat after the surgery, and 50 percent of single mastectomy patients do, as well. “That’s a lot of women,” Guthrie says, choosing flat chests over reconstructed breasts.

What happens after mastectomy without reconstruction?

After a mastectomy without breast reconstruction, it can take three to four weeks to feel mostly normal. If you also have breast reconstruction, recovery can take six to eight weeks. For some procedures, it can take months before you can return to being fully active.

How long does a double mastectomy without reconstruction take?

Before the procedure Your doctor or nurse will tell you when to arrive at the hospital. A mastectomy without reconstruction usually takes one to three hours. The surgery is often done as an outpatient procedure, and most people go home on the same day of the operation.

What is the life expectancy after a double mastectomy?

81.2% of women who had double mastectomy were alive 10 years after diagnosis. 79.9% of women who had single mastectomy were alive 10 years after diagnosis.

What should I wear after a double mastectomy without reconstruction?

Wearing loose sweaters, jackets, or scarves draped around your neck and shoulders can disguise a flat chest. Some women feel comfortable not wearing a bra and not trying to cover their loss. This can work especially well if you had bilateral mastectomies.

What are the chances of dying during a double mastectomy?

Single mastectomy: 79.9% 10-year survival rate. Double mastectomy: 81.2% 10-year survival rate.

Is a double mastectomy a high risk surgery?

The most common risk-reducing surgery is bilateral prophylactic mastectomy (also called bilateral risk-reducing mastectomy).

What do you wear after mastectomy?

Immediately after your surgery, you will be most comfortable wearing a soft cotton camisole. There are special camisoles that include a removable pocket for any surgical drains. They also have built in bras (like those in some bathing suits) that can hold a cotton puff.