What is the Kinect v2?

The Kinect V2, Fig. 1, is a 3D sensor produced by Microsoft, it is composed by a RGB camera with resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, an infrared camera with resolution of 512×424 pixels and an infrared emitter.

What is Kinect v1?

The Kinect is an accessory for Microsoft’s Xbox game console. It contains an array of microphones, an active-sensing depth camera using structured light, and a color camera. The Kinect is intended to be used as a controller-free game controller, tracking the body or bodies of one or more players in its field of view.

Can you play Just Dance without a Kinect?

No additional accessories are required to join the fun! Just use your smartphone with the Just Dance Controller app!

Can I compare the pictures of the Kinect 1 and 2?

I think the first picture is very misleading! The depth-image of the kinect 1 is an image retrieved from the depth stream. The picture of the kinect 2 is NOT an image from the depth stream but has been obtained by making a scan of somebody. You should not compare those to eachother.

When will the Microsoft Kinect 2 be available?

Microsoft recently announced that the Kinect 2 will be available for developers July 15th and a general market release later this year. Zugara has been part of the Kinect 2 beta program since late 2013 and we can attest to the significant improvements available for the next generation Kinect 2 camera.

How good is the Kinect V1’s body tracking?

The kinect v1 is £30 and the adapter is £10. I currently use the kinect v1 and it has OK body tracking but not as good as the kinect v2’s. Also i have noticed if you have a big play area and you put the kinect v1 far way the kinect v1 tracking goes janky as the resolution is only 480p compared to the 1080p camera the kinect v2 has.

What does the Kinect sensor object contain?

The KinectSensor object contains a ColorImageStream and DepthImageStream that both contain a FrameWidth and FrameHeight in pixels and the NominalHorizontalFieldOfView and NominalVerticalFieldOfView in degrees. The DepthImageStream also contains values for the MinDepth and MaxDepth in millimeters.