How do I use a PS3 controller on windows10?

For a PS3 controller, you should check Install Dualshock 3 driver and for a Bluetooth connection, and click Next. Open the Choose controller dropdown and select your controller from the list. Click Next and allow the drivers to install. Once installation is complete, you can use the PS3 controller with supported games.

How do you connect a PS3 controller to a computer?

Turn on your controller and connect it to your PC.

  • Navigate to the SCP Toolkit website. SCP Toolkit provides a PC-friendly interface to which your PS3 controller can connect,which will in turn allow you to use your PS3
  • Click the “ScpToolkit_Setup.exe” link.
  • Double-click the toolkit setup file.
  • Install ScpToolKit.
  • How to connect a PS3 controller on PC [simple guide]?

    Turn on your PlayStation 3 console

  • Then turn on the PS3 controller by holding the PS or PlayStation button on the controller.
  • In doing so,the 4 LED indicator light will start to blink.
  • Once it finds the PlayStation 3 console,it automatically gets paired up and connected with the console.
  • How to connect PS3 controller to PC [Easy]?

    Click on the start button or the Windows key.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the update option and security.
  • You will see a recovery option on the left list,select the option.
  • Now select advanced restart.
  • Wait for a while.
  • Now select the troubleshoot option.
  • Now select the advanced setting and startup settings.
  • How do I connect my PS3 controller to Windows 10?

    On the .exe file,double-click on it after which you would see the “Install” button,now just click on it.

  • Accept the displayed terms and conditions.
  • In the download process,there are lots of components which would get downloaded and therefore you should wait until the installation gets completed.