How big is a daisy cutter bomb?

The BLU-82B/C-130 weapon system, known under program “Commando Vault” and nicknamed “Daisy Cutter” in Vietnam for its ability to flatten a section of forest into a helicopter landing zone, is an American 15,000-pound (6,800 kg) conventional bomb, delivered from either a C-130 or MC-130 transport aircraft or a CH-54 …

What is the blast radius of a MOAB bomb?

approximately 1 mile
The effects are similar to any standard high explosive weapon, but the size of the blast radius (reported to be approximately 1 mile) is what marks the MOAB apart from smaller munitions.

What kind of bomb is a daisy cutter?

conventional bomb
Ermey explains that a daisy cutter is a civilian term for the worlds largest conventional bomb, known as the BLU 82 or Big Blue 82. This bomb was first used in Vietnam to clear landing zones for helicopters and is the size of a small car. Big Blue 82 is still in use today and remains virtually unchanged.

What was the blast radius of Hiroshima?

In both cities the blast totally destroyed everything within a radius of 1 mile from the center of explosion, except for certain reinforced concrete frames as noted above. The atomic explosion almost completely destroyed Hiroshima’s identity as a city.

Is a daisy cutter a MOAB?

“The MOAB is a replacement for the earlier, smaller, unguided BLU-82 ‘Daisy Cutter,’ which was about 15,000 pounds. The Air Force used Daisy Cutters early in the war in Afghanistan to destroy al Qaeda and Taliban cave complexes, like the ISIS base the Pentagon described destroying in Nangarhar Province on Thursday.”

How much does a daisy cutter weigh?

FAEs generally run between 500 and 2,000 pounds (225 and 900 kg). Making an FAE the size of a Daisy Cutter would be difficult because the correct uniform mixture of the flammable agent with the ambient air would be difficult to maintain if the agent were so widely dispersed.

Is the daisy cutter a fuel air explosive?

The Daisy Cutter has sometimes been incorrectly reported as a fuel-air explosive device (FAE). FAE devices consist of a flammable liquid, gas, or powder and a dispersing mechanism, and take their oxidizers from the oxygen in the air.

What is in the BLU-82 Daisy Cutter?

The BLU-82 uses ammonium nitrate and aluminium (cf. ammonal ). The warhead contains 12,600 pounds (5,700 kg) of low-cost GSX slurry ( ammonium nitrate, aluminium powder and polystyrene ). The Daisy Cutter has sometimes been incorrectly reported as a fuel-air explosive device (FAE).

What is the blast radius of a nunchucks?

Later it was used in Afghanistan as an anti-personnel weapon and as an intimidation weapon because of its very large blast radius (variously reported as 300 to 900 feet/100 to 300 meters) combined with a visible flash and audible sound at long distances.