What is the biggest deer shot in Nebraska?

Kevin Petrzilka’s staggering Saunders County, Nebraska, buck racked up a net green score of 203 4/8 inches. If the score stands, it will place the buck among the largest typical bucks ever killed and topple the Nebraska state record.

What is the Nebraska state record whitetail?

Trophy scoring info

Species Modern firearm Muzzleloader / Crossbow
Non-typical mule deer 170 160
Typical whitetail deer 150 140
Non-typical whitetail deer 160 155
Pronghorn 73 65

Where is the best whitetail hunting in Nebraska?

The Cornhusker State is great for whitetails. The deer herd is plentiful, with the higher densities located in the southeastern part of the state and along major river corridors. Some of the bucks in the state get old, and that’s what it takes to have big deer.

Does Nebraska have big whitetail deer?

This amazing 17-point whitetail shot by Kevin Petrzilka in southeastern Nebraska last November has been officially scored as the new state record typical after its 60-day drying period. The buck is also the biggest typical tagged in the U.S. since 1972.

Is Nebraska a good hunting state?

Thanks to its diverse habitat, Nebraska is an upland game hunter’s paradise, with a dozen species of birds and small mammals available to hunt. The state also offers the best turkey hunting opportunities in the country; permits are plentiful and turkeys can be found in every county in the state.

Does Nebraska have big whitetails?

If the rack stays somewhere in the 180- to 190-inch range, Morgan might find his name high on the list of Nebraska’s all-time whitetail record scores. The biggest typical bowkill in the Cornhusker State was a 189 4/8 bruiser taken in 1978.

Where are the most mule deer in Nebraska?

Mule Deer Conservation – Nebraska. Mule deer range throughout Nebraska but mainly located in the western portion of the state. Concentrations occur in and near the Pine Ridge of Northwestern Nebraska and the Wildcat Hills. Not to mention Cheyenne Escarpment in Banner, Morrill and ScottsBluff counties.

Does Nebraska have big mule deer?

Mule deer are common in the western half of Nebraska, and the terrain there is far from flat. From ponderosa pine covered ridges to the broken Sandhills country, mule deer have a lot of places to hide.

Is Nebraska a draw state for deer hunting?

Permit requirements Deer permits are issued as Draw units or Buy units. Draw units are determined by overall demand and may be applied for during the draw unit application period. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission provides information on the previous year’s draw results.

How big does a buck have to be to be a booner?

To qualify as a “Booner” a typical whitetail buck must have antlers that score at least 170 after deductions, known as the “net” score.

What is the biggest deer ever recorded in the Boone and Crockett Club?

At the 22nd Big Game Awards Program in Dallas, Texas, the Boone and Crockett Club Judges’ Panel declared Hanson’s buck the new world’s record typical whitetail with a final score of 213-5/8 points.

How many white-tailed deer are there in Nebraska?

300,000 to 350,000 deer
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC), manages deer in Nebraska and estimates that the current population level is 300,000 to 350,000 deer. Figure 1. Adult male white-tailed deer (Photo by G. Clements).

Are there wild elk in Nebraska?

There are an estimated 1 million elk throughout the contiguous 48 states. Of those, only 3,000 or so are in Nebraska. There are an estimated 1 million elk throughout the contiguous 48 states. Of those, only 3,000 or so are in Nebraska.

Can you hunt Nebraska government lands?

U.S. Forest Service Lands (USFS) Most national forest and grassland areas managed by the USFS are open to hunting, unless otherwise posted.