What is the pooping log song?

“During Christmas, there’s a log that you feed scraps of food, and then he poops presents when you hit him with a stick and sing a song!” que són més bons! (They are much better!)

What is the tradition of Caga Tio?

Caga Tio Tradition. The Caga Tio makes an appearance in Catalan homes on December 8th on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Children are excited to see caga tio, and put a blanket on it and normally place it under the tree where they take care of it sort of like a pet.

How do you make Tió de Nadal?

The tradition is to bring a piece of strain or thick stalk to your home a few days before Christmas, place it in some corner with a blanket so it does not get cold and feed it daily with remnants of food until the day to make the Tió defecate the gifts.

What does Caga Tió mean in English?

As anyone who knows a bit of Catalan might have guessed by now, Caga Tió literally means the ‘Pooping Log’, and this gives a lot away in terms of understanding what this curious guest gets up to.

Where do Spanish children get their gifts?

Instead, it’s the Three Wise Men—or los reyes magos—who take center stage during the winter holidays. They’re the ones who bring Spanish children their gifts the night before Three Kings Day in January.

What does Tió mean in Catalan?

‘ In this context the word ‘tió’ in Catalan language means log. (In the Castellano Spanish language ‘tio’ means ‘uncle’ or ‘guy. ‘) So Tió de Nadal in Catalan means Christmas log or tree trunk – and not Uncle Christmas or Christmas guy. Caga Tió means ‘Poop log!’

Why is Tió de Nadal celebrated?

Then, for Christmas, they hit it while singing. Like other tree-centered winter rituals, the Tió honors the earth and its abundance. Originally, this was done on the winter solstice, and it symbolized rebirth; the log was then burned and its remains kept in the home for protection.

Who is the favorite wise man in Spain?

Sometimes they might also leave some food for the Three Kings. The next morning the children wake up early to open their presents. Although the children like all of the Three Kings, their favorite is Baltasar because he is the one who it is believed actually leaves the gifts.

What does Caga Tio mean in English?